Coronavirus: Di community for Abuja wey no know about Covid-19

Zokutu women


Despite Nigeria goment huge investment for media campaign to check di spread of coronavirus, some local communities for di kontri still dey in dark about di killer virus.

Zokutu Community na few kilometres drive from Abuja city centre wia di presidential taskforce dey do daily briefing on top coronavirus.

But residents there say dem neva get beta informate about di spread of di virus and how e go affect dem.

Na more than 100 days since Nigeria record im first case of coronavirus and now, di virus don enta community transmission phase and di number dey increase by di day.

Recent figure show say more than 20,000 pipo don catch di virus and more dan 500 pipo don die.

One of di major way wey goment dey pass informate to tel pipo about di virus na through traditional media wey be television, radio and social media .

But Zokutu community no get beta road, hospital and even network. Plus dem no also get light to power dia radios, television to cari hear news about coronavirus and di preventive measure wey goment put in place.

Rose Mishayi

Rose Mishayi say dem no know hoe coronavirus look like

Rose Mishayi, resident of Zokutu say, di informate no dey reach dem.

“Dis coronavirus, we no know anytin about am and how e dey take infect pipo. As it is now, we no know who go explain to us wetin di disease dey about”

“We just hear say coronavirus dey Nigeria but we no know how e look” Mishayi tok.

Woman dey fetch water for stream

Zokutu community no get correct source of water

Goment message since di outbreak na for pipo to wear face mask, wash dia hands and observe social distancing

But as BBC pidgin visit di community, pipo dey go about dia business wit no face masks and dem no dey observe social distancing.

Zokuto villagers dey fetch water for stream

Members of di community na mainly farmers and dem say dem no know how Covid-19 look like

Hajara Solomon say dem no get any info about social distancing and dat di way wey goment di behave, e be like say dem no mata.

“If dis disease affect anyone now, if you come our hospital, you no go find drugs and if dem refer you to Gwagwalada hospital if you no get moni, you go suffer die.”

“Di goment dey remember us only during campaign, afta election dem go forget about us.” Solomon tok.

Solomon add say since dem dey for dark, dem dey more at risk of di disease.

Zoktutu village

Zoktutu village na few kilometres drive from Abuja city wey daily briefing for coronavirus dey happun but di pipo no know anytin about di disease

Di minister of information Lai Muhammed say goment don invest on top programmes and jingle for TV and radio to educate Nigerians on top di virus.

According to him, NOI poll, say 99 percent of Nigerians don hear about coronavirus.

But di presidential taskforce say pipo need to hear more of di disease especially now wey e don enta community level.

National Orientation Agency naim get di task to teach Nigerians, informate people about goment policy, although di agency say e dey work hard to teach Nigerians on top Covid 19, di residents of Zokutu say dem neva see dia break light even though dem be neighbours for Abuja.