Tupac Shakur: Changes, one day at a time plus oda songs of di rapper wey pipo still fit relate with today

Tupac Shakur


Tupac Shakur na one of di rappers wey still dey define di rap game afta 23 years wey im die.

Plenti pipo sabi di guy say im be gangsta rapper and na so im represent imself, but for some pipo, im be poet and activist.

And for dis time wey di world dey protest racism and police brutality, we say make we look back to some of 2pac songs wey pipo fit relate with today.

Only God can Judge Me

Tupac write dis song wen dem sentence am to prison ontop accuse of rape.

Dis song na song wey im release for 1996, di year im die, for di album All Eyez on Me.

E tok about profiling of black pipo dem even as im use di words wey George Floyd make famous “I can’t breathe for di song.


Dis na one of im most popular songs and e tok well-well on how police dey ‘kill black pipo upandan for road’ and dem go come call dem heroes.

Dem release di song afta im die but up till today, with di death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks, pipo still dey tok wetin Tupac sing for 1998 say “I see no changes”.

Tupac Shakur

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Keep Ya Head Up

Dis song make 2pac one of di first artists wey go tok about women rights and im also tok on top di rape mata against women.

Di song comot for 1993 and tori be say e commot before dem accuse am say im sexually assault pesin.

Letter to My Unborn Child

Dem release di song for 2001 afta Tupac don die but e tok to im unborn pikin about di wahala wey im don see for im life.

Im ask weda dem go allow di pikin play for di streets even as na di same streets im chop five bullets for im back.

One day at a time

Tupac tok on top racism for dis song wey dem drop afta im die, wen im say “Dem dey see destruction before dem see human being”.

Dem play dis song as part of di album for di 2003 documentary feem “Tupac Resurrection” wey show di life and death of di legendary rapper.

Black Pipo for ground dey protest George Floyd Killing

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Black Pipo for ground dey protest George Floyd Killing

Rumour still dey fly upandan on top weda Tupac bin survive di September shooting for Las Vegas, but wetin sure be say 23 years on, im music still dey live on.