Rape victim: Uwa, Tina, Azeezat, Barakat na victims of violence against women – Dia murders dey make pipo shout say no to rape for Nigeria

Incidents of rape and violence against women don dey increase lately as many dey tok say di lockdown don make lot of women dey expose to danger inside Nigeria.

Many of di women wey dis kain tin don affect na young ladies of school age.

Dis na di five women wey don die because of violence against women in recent times across di west African nation:

Grace Oshiagwu

Dey murder Oshiagwu Grace on di 13th of June, 2020 afta report say dem also rape her.

She be di daughter of one CAC pastor for Sasa area of Akinyele Local Government Area inside Oyo State, southwest Nigeria

Di sad incident happun for Mission house behind di church. Grace na 21 years old.

Azeezat Somuyiwa

Dem kill her on di 5th of June, 2020, four days afta di death of Barakat Bello.

She dey seven month pregnant wen dey murder her. Dey smash head with stone.

Dem murder her for di same Akinyele LGA of Oyo state, same area wia dem kill Barakat.

Police tok say dem don arrest one suspect. She be wenty nine years before dem kill her.

Uwaila Omozuwa

Dem kill Uwa on di 27th of May, 2020 afta her attackers rape her for inside one church Benin City, sourthern Nigeria.

Dem see her corpse inside one of di branches of di Redeemed Christian church of God where she bin go study.

She be 22 years old, and na student of microbiology for di University of Benin wen dem kill her.

According to police, dem don arrest one suspect on top Uwa mata.

Barakat Bello



Dem rape and kill Barak on di 31st of May, 2020.

She be 19 years old and na student of di Institute of Agriculture and research, IART inside Ibadan before her attackers violate and kill her.

Dem rape her around di makeshift bathroom for di back of her parents’ house where dey for see her body.

Dey neva arrest any suspect, according to di police for Oyo state, southern Nigeria.

Her family tell BBC say dis incident happun on Tuesday for Ibadan.
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Tina Ezekwe

Tina die on di 28th of May, 2020.

Until her death, she be secondary school student wey dey wait to sit for her school certificate exams.

She be 17 years old wen police shoot her for one bus stop near her house for Iyana oworo area inside Lagos.

Police tok say two officers na im dem don arrest over her death.

Justice for Tina: ‘She be 17 going on 18 and bin get many dreams’
The British Broadcasting Corporation