Doctors strike: Hospital say make patient go back home as doctors begin strike for Nigeria

Plenti patients don hook for hospital on top dis strike

Plenti patients don hook for hospital on top dis strike

Some patients wey go National Hospital for Abuja to get medical epp, gatz go back home sake of say doctors don go strike.

Ikechukwu bin cari im pikin come di hospital aft im sustain injury for hand, but di hospital management tell am make e go back home aft aim pay consultation fee.

Oga Ikechukwu say im dey di hospital pass one hour before dem tell am make e go back.

E explain give say di whole situation dey worry am sake of say e gatz look for moni to go private hospital to treat im pikin.

National Hospital resident doctors bin go strike afta 12 noon local time afta dia own chapter meet to look into di mata.

How di Resident doctor strike dey for Abuja

For morning wey BBC Pidgin visit di hospital, doctors bin dey work and attend to patients hoping say may be goment go pay dia hazard allowance so dat dem no go go strike again.

Meanwhile di oga kpata-kpata for resident doctors, DR.Aliyu Sokomba say for dis year alone, 10 doctors don die of covid 19, more than 200 of dem get di virus and 800 of dem don get exposure to di virus sake of say dem no get enough protect gear to use work.

E further yarn give say sake of di beg wey di Speaker of di House of Representatives don beg dem, dem decide say doctors wey di work for isolation centres go kontinu for two weeks and fata den, if goment no answa dem, dem go ask dem to stop work.

How di strike dey for Lagos

Tori from Lagos be say true true resident doctor’s for di south west state join dia colleagues nationwide to observe di strike, but di strike no too affect activities for some hospitals.

For Lagos State University Teaching Hospital LASUTH Ikeja, patients no too stress demsefs as consultants and other doctors wey no dey under di Resident doctors association dey ground to attend to dem.

Some patients wey no gree tok dia names tell BBC say dem hear say doctors dey strike, but some doctors still attend to dem.

For parts of di hospital wey we visit, na only few patients we see and dem dey relaxed dey for dia turn to see doctor.

Secretary Association of Resident Doctors LASUTH Doctor Salmon tok say dem go remain on strike till goment meet dia minimum demands.

Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee in charge of medicals for Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH Professor Wasiu Adeyemo tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey handle dia patients as dem fit.

“Dia is no cause for alarm, di consultants and house officer’s dey ground dey work” na so e tok.

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How di strike dey for Kano

Some patients don camp outside Aminu Kano Hospital for Kano northwestern Nigeria as doctors begin nationwide strike for di kontri.

BBC Pidgin meet some of di patients wey say dem dey stranded as dem bin come see doctor s for di hospital.

Some patients wey speak tell BBC say dem don dey di hospital since 5am but na around 10.45am nurses come tell dem say doctors no go come say dem dey on strike.

Hajiya Basira Sani, one of di patients wey camp outside say:

“We be about 100 women wey wan see doctor, me I come around 5 am some come around 4am but na now(10.45am) nurses dey tell us say make we dey go house, doctors dey on strike, I no even get transport to carry me go house.”

Pipo dey stand up and down for hospital


Bashir Gidado come all di way from Katsina state for northwest Nigeria to see doctor for Aminu Kano hospital wey dey for neighbouring Kano state unfortunately doctors strike mean say e no fit see anybody.

Di man tell BBC say e no fit go back to Katsina state but go find wia to sleep until doctors resume to see am.

“I come run some tests last week and na today I suppose see doctor with di results but unfortunately dem start strike today, I come all di way from Katsina state and I no fit go back until doctors attend to me.”

“I don decide say I go beg for where to sleep until dem resume, even if na office I get I go dey sleep dia until doctors resume to attend to me.”


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Amini Kano Hospital na di biggest for di state and chairmo of di resident doctors Dr Abubakar Nagoma tell BBC say na 500 of dem dey on strike for di hospital.

How di strike dey for Port Harcourt

BBC Pidgin also visit di Rivers State University Teaching Hospital RSUTH see say dem never begin strike dia.

Chairman of di Association of Resident Doctors for Rivers State, Dr. Josephine Sokolo tell BBC Pidgin say, “na national strike. Dem call di strike yesterday so doctors no go rush leave dia patients like dat, dem get to inform dia patients first but na national strike na wetin I fit tell you now.”

Resident doctors dey give press conference

Resident doctors dey give press conference

Dr Aliyu Sokomba wey bi di oga kpata-kpata national association of resident doctors say di association decide to go strike sake of say goment no meet dia demand.

Di doctors bin ask goment make e provide dem wit enough personal protective equipment as di ones wey dey no reach; dem also want to reverse di illegal disengagement of 26 resident doctors for Jos

university teaching hospital and di payment of all dia salary in line wit di provisions of di medical residency training act.

Oda issues wey dem demand for na say make Kaduna state goment stop and refund all di illegal cut from salaries of dia members; implementation of di hazard allowance and payment of covid-19 allowance wey federal goment don agree.

For di letter, di doctors say e don tey wey dem don dey fight for equal right for all doctors wey dey the same level.

Oga Sokomba say sake of all these demand, dem bin give goment 14 days ultimatum to chook mouth for di mata and resolve di wahala but nothing really don happun.

And dat dis na why dem di call on doctors below di rank of Principal Medical Officer and House officers to begin strike from 12:01 am on Monday, 15th of June.