‘Before I dey hear about rape for radio, now e don happen to me’

Ebikini Itonyo wey dem rape and kill im 21 year old daughter Matilda Itonyo, year three Law student for Rivers State University on 10 December, 2019 say since December 2019, wen im see di deadibody of im daughter, im no dey di same again.

Ebikini follow for protest against rape dey demand justice for her daughter wen Women Groups like International Federation of Female Lawyers FIDA, Medical Women Association of Nigeria MWAN, Nigerian Association of Women Journalists NAWOJ, and odas carry go Police Headquarters for di oil rich city of Port Harcourt, say time don reach for goment to declare state of emergency on top rape and murder of women for di kontri.

“I want justice for my daughter. I want di Police to catch di pipo wey rape and murder her for her room for school. I want make dem explain, give me reason why dem kill my daughter. Up till now di Police never tell me anything, di matter just dey like dat, no serious progress. We don bury her on 7 March, 2020 for Bayelsa.” Na so im tok.

Matilda Itonyo papa, Ebikini Itonyo

Matilda Itonyo papa, Ebikini Itonyo follow join for di protest afta dem rape and kill im pikin

Blessing Itoro na mama of one 10 year old pikin wey 29 year old Iniobong Essien rape for dia house for Ubama-Asa for Oyigbo local goment for Rivers State.

She also join for di protest because police never make any progress for di investigation of im daughter death as dem dey ask am for money to continue di investigation. Im add say even after im pay for di autopsy for im daughter, di police never give am di result as e still dey dia hand.

” My pikin dey suffer. All her private part scatter finish. Chai! I no get money but I want justice. I dey hear dis kain tori for radio and tv but today e don happen to me. I want justice for my daughter. Im no go just destroy her go like dat.”

Blessing Itoro tell BBC Pidgin say na on 14 May, 2020 naim dia neighbour, 29 Iniobong Essien wey dey do bricklayer work for di school quarters wia all of dem dey live rape her daughter after she buy pure water for am, come threaten to kill her if she tell her mama.

” I notice say she dey cry of pains wen she wan urinate and she no fit waka well. So I ask her wetin do her. She come tell me say na Fineboy sleep her. When I check her private, evri wia scatter, with wound wey dey bring out pus. I shout, call di papa. We go report for Afam police and dem come arrest am.”

Pipo wey dey protest rape


She add say dem go to Doctors Without Borders clinic for Ogbumnabali Health Centre wia dem come treat her and dem come refer her to FIDA to help her for di matter.

‘Rape be like murder. No compromise na punishment e deserve’

No to rape proest


Chairpesin for FIDA Rivers State Ngozi Odukwe-Ighosevbe wey lead di protest say rape and defilement na serious crime wey dey di same as murder, so e demand punishment not compromise or settlement for dat kain mata.

Di women dey demand make all States for Nigeria:

  • adopt and implement di Violence Against Pesins Prohibition VAPP Act and the Child Rights Law with implementation committee .
  • make Police to set up Gender desk for all police posts or stations with trained officers wey go arrest, investigate and prosecute offenders of Genders based violence cases and get conviction
  • make di Chief Judge for all di States designate special fast track Court wey go handle gender based violence cases and family court as e dey for the Child Rights Act
  • make Attorney General for States grant fiats without unnecessary protocol for pipo wey dey prosecute offenders
  • provide shelters and support for victims with free medical treatment for victims of rape/defilement
  • establish sexual referral centre wey go be one stop shop with rapid response team wey include police, doctors, lawyers, social welfare officers, psychologists etc do dem go work well to reduce victim trauma and preserve evidence to prosecute perpetrators
  • open and operate sex offenders register across all states for the kontri as e dey for di VAPP law.

Dem say if goment show seriousness to convict sex offenders e go reduce di rate of rape and child defilement.