BBNaija reunion: Why Mercy fight Omashola inside for Big Brother Naija Television show

Serious gbas gbos na happun between Mercy and Omashola for di number seven episode of di ‘Big Brother Pepperdem Reunion’ show on Wednesday.

Di host of di show Ebuka bin dey ask di housemates if dem gossips during di show last year before e come call out Omashola about one particular incident wey im dey tok to Seyi about tins like ‘prostitution’ and ‘runz’ concerning Mercy.

Omashola try to explain wetin bring dat conversation withSheyi for inside di garden. E say di whole tin start from one incident wey happun for shower where e for troway condom give Mercy.

But Mercy say na lie, say Omashola call her ‘Prostitute’ during im diary room session and no be dat day wey im dey claim. Mercy wey be di winner of di Big Brother Pepperdem show add say di shower incident and di diary session na two different scenarios.

Omashola deny say im no call her prostitute for im diary session and if na true make dem show am di video clips of wia e for tok am. E say di conversation im get with Seyi about Mercy for garden na because e dey vex.

All dis back and forth alias ‘gbasgbos’ come lead to serious quarrel, face to face confrontation, cursing and shouting battle, sotey e nearly get physical.

Even as oda housemates like Sheyi, Esther dey try to settle di quarrel, Frodd and di host Ebuka just dey watch as di drama dey tough more and more.

E take Avala to calmly tell Omashola to stop to dey argue with Mercy even though im dey vex.

” I think Mercy dey hurt about dat word, calling a woman a prostitute dey rude and take accountability of wetin you do as a man and wetin you need to do na to tell her, ‘you wat, I dey pissed’ and apologize.

“But arguing with her no be di right tin at all…Dat na why I dey tell you say you be man, you no suppose to dey argue with woman like dis.”

Seyi sef put mouth and tell Omashola to just apologize and stop di agreement and quarrel.

At di end of drama, Omashola move from im seat and apologize give Mercy. Las las, di show end with laughter, fun, and plenti hug.

Even with di happy ending, fans of di reality TV show still go on top social media to drag Mercy and Omashola.

To proof give dia fans say true, true dem don settle, Omashola and mercy do instagram video to show say dem still be paddy paddy now and so make dia fans no stop to dey gbege each oda.