Sweden news: Sweden believe say dem know who kill PM Olof Palme for 1986

Dem assasinate Olof Palme one Friday night as e dey waka down Sweden's busiest street

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Swedish prosecutors say dem believe dem know who kill former Sweden prime minister Olof Palme for 1986, but dem say di suspect don die.

Dem identify di suspect as Stig Engstrom, aka “Skandia Man”, wey kill imself for 2000.

As a result, dem dey close di investigation into wetin kill Palme, na so Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson to.

Dem shoot Palme for back as im dey waka go e house from di cinema with e wife Lisbet for Stockholm.

Im bin don had already dismiss his security team for diday. Di assassination take place for one Sweden’s busiest road and more than a dozen witnesses naim see one man fire di shots before dem run comot di place.

Late Oga Palme’s son, Marten tell Swedish radio say e believe say prosecutors don reach di right conclusion and dem dey right to close di case.

Dem interview plenty pipo ova Palme’s death and dem convict one petty criminal for di killing but dem dismiss di verdict later.

Wetin di prosecutor tok?

“Di pesin na Stig Engstrom,” Oga Petersson tell news conference. “Because di pesin don die, I no fit bring charges against him and I don decide to close di investigation.”

We no find di murder weapon and no new forensic evidence don dey uncovered, but prosecutors wey dey examine Engstrom’s statements to police conclude say im version of events no add up.

“How e act na how we believe di murderer for don act,” Oga Petersson add.

Stig Engstrom no initially dey focus for di investigation, di prosecutor tok, but when investigators check im background dey find say e dey accustomed to using weapons, as im bin dey di army, and a member of one shooting club.