Police don catch one 32 year old man wey confess say e rape over 40 women including an 80 year old within a year

Police for Kano for northwest Nigeria don catch one 32 year old man wey confess say e rape over 40 women including an 80 year old woman within one year.

Police tok tok pesin tell BBC say dem don finally gbab Muhammad Zulfara’u Alfa wey confess say e rape dis women dem for Kwanar Dangora, town inside Kano.

Dem gbab di man on Tuesday after e enter one house to rape some children and dia mother wey observe say electric bulb wey dey her children room dey off, wey make her comot to investigate, according to police.

Tori be say na wen di mother go check, na dia she see Muhammad on top one of her pikin wey make her shout, as e comot wan run, her husband pursue am before neighbours helep catch di rapist.

“Dis na pesin wey dey seriously worry Kwanar Dangora town wit rape, e rape over 40 women within one year and many of di women since yesterday don dey come see dia tormentor and also lodge official complain about am.”

“Police gbab am after e enter one house dey rape one pikin and her mother see am wey make am shout, after di husband and neighbours join catch am, dem hand over to police and e presently dey with us as we prepare to carry am go court.”

On im part, Muhammad confess to BBC say wetin dem dey accuse am na true and apart from 80 year old woman e also rape children of less than 10 years old.

“Na true say i rape over 40 women within one year for Kwanar Dangora town and i dey regret wetin i do, e get one time wey i rape an 80 year old woman wey dey stay alone for house and also some children wey be less than 10 years old.” DSP Abdullahi Haruna tok.

“I dey advise any man wey dey do dis kain tin to stop becos no be beta tin.”

Halima Sani wey dey stay Kwanar Dangora town tell BBC say now women for di town go sleep with dia two eyes closed after Police gbab Muhammad wey di town women nickname ‘mai siket’.

“No be small jubilate women do yesterday morning (Tuesday) after news full town say police don finally gbab mai siket, for di past one year e don rape plenty women, old, young and married all join. We di women of Dangora town dey hope say e go get di punishment wey e deserve.”

Muhammad Jamil na councillor for Yalwa ward for Kwanar Dangora town and e tell BBC say di whole town happy wella after Police gbab Muhammad wey dem named ‘Mai siket’ because e don lead to di spoil of many marriages.

“Words no fit describe di kain joy wey we dey feel for Kwanar Dangora town at dis time. Dis rapist don cause di breakdown of many marriages because some pipo after rape dem go just divorce di wife.”

“One girl near my house wey im rape, her neck still get injuries from di struggle wey she do with am before e rape her. And e get 80 year old woman wey her house near prayer ground wey im rape, so we dey happy.”

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Chief of Dangora town Mallam Ahmadu Ya’u tell BBC say e don tey wey dem dey pray for dis time to come and di town dey celebrate.

“Evribodi for Dangora town dey happy after police gbab dis man wey dey disturb our town with rape. E even rape one woman wey be my neighbour and anoda elderly woman wey dey sell Akara, we hope say justice go do im work.”

Dangora town na about 85 kilometres from Kano city and na farming town wey dey plant different crops like Maize, Millet and also onions.

Over di past few weeks na issue of rape dominate Nigeria after di rape and murder of Uwa.