Sani Abacha: 10 reasons why Nigerians go always tok about di late dictator

Sani Abacha

Gen. Sani Abacha use strong hand rule Nigeria before im die for office

22 years don already waka pass since former Nigeria military ruler General Sani Abacha go meet im maker afta im die 8th June 1998.

Abacha, wey be Minister of Defence, use military coup by force collect power from caretaker president Ernest Shonekan 17 November 1993 and rule di kontri until im die for 1998.

Sabi pipo tok say Abacha goment brutal on top di human rights palava wey happun and e goment harsh to opposition. Tori be say that time, if you tok ‘fim’ or chook mouth against di general na prison you dey go straight.

Politicians, lawyers, tori pipo dem, student union leaders and trade union activists follow join di plenti pipo wey Abacha bin deal wit weda na to cari dem go prison, rough handle dem or kill dem.

Fast forward to 22 years later, some of dis Nigerians wey sleep rough for prison or cari dia leg pick race go hide for oda kontris, dia life change for di beta because of pepper wey dia eyes see as dem try to fight Abacha goment.

Unto di harsh way Abacha do some of dis opposition leaders, suspected coup leaders and odas, dia name spread all over di kontri and even for obodo oyinbo wia dem begin torchlight dia fight fight wit di military goment.

Na wit iron hand im bin take rule Nigeria and plenti human rights wahala full im goment.

Even till today, Abacha na pesin wey still dey cause kwanta for im kontri. President Muhammadu Buhari, wey imsef be former military ruler, don hail am for di ogbonge tins wey im do like roads wey im build, education and health.

See as di life of di late dictator take waka

1983 Coup for Lagos

Abacha name first enta di mouth of Nigerians sake of im connect wit di 31 December coup wey comot civilian Presido, Shehu Shagari. Gen Buhari na di next pesin wey wear di cap as military ruler.

1985 Coup for Lagos

Na wit force dem comot Gen Buhari for coup wey Abacha support. Im help Gen Ibrahim Babangida takeover and dem uprade am to major general.

12 June 1993 Election wey cancel

Dem do democratic elections wey military bin don dey promise tey tey. Early results show say na rich businessman Moshood Abiola dey win but Gen Babangida do u-turn cancel di result wey vex Nigerians.

August 1993

Dem do democratic elections wey military bin don dey promise tey tey. Early results show say na rich businessman Moshood Abiola dey win but Gen Babangida do u-turn cancel di result wey vex Nigerians.

How much Abacha money Nigeria don collect sef?

Anoda big question be how much Nigeria government don see collect from abroad for inside di money wey Abacha steal?

Make we try trace am

One area wey Nigerians dey yab government be say dem no dey clear about how much dem don see collect, so because of dat e dey hard to talk, but make we try.

Na when former president Olusegun Obasanjo enter office for 1999 na im start court case to collect di money wey Abacha steal keep for many bank accounts abroad.

  • For May 2002: President Obasanjo do deal with Abacha family so Nigeria go fit recover $1.2 billion.
  • For November 2003: Finance Minister for dat time Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala talk say Nigeria don collect reach $149 million from Jersey Island inside di money Abacha steal.
  • For September 2005: Okonjo-Iweala again announce for one talk-talk meeting for Switzerland say Nigeria don get $458 million and like $2 billion for asset inside wetin Abacha steal.
  • For 2007: Finance Minister dat time Nenadi Usman talk say dem use di total money wey dem don recover, wey reach $2.5 billion – give ministry of Power, Works, Health, Education, and Water Resources to do projects.
Euro and Swiss Coin

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Switzerland, US, Jersey Island na some of di countries where General Sani Abacha steal money keep when im rule Nigeria.
  • For 2014: Okonjo-Iweala come back to say na only $500 million na im dem recover during di time she serve as Finance Minster under Obasanjo government and dem use am do community project.
  • For June 2014 Liechtenstein return $227 million give Nigeria, still inside di money wey Abacha thief.
  • For August 7, 2014, United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announce di largest money dem don give back for di organisation history, $480 million wey dem say dem go return give Nigerian government.
  • For 2016, Switzerland confirm say dem don return $723 million so far give Nigeria government for inside di money wey Abacha steal and wey dem seize from im family.
  • Dis $321 million wey dem just promise to return na di latest for inside di Abacha money wey been dey Switzerland hand. Di money bank alert enta Nigeria pocket for 2020.
Abacha: See how di former strongman run tins for Nigeria
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Three pipo Abacha prison launch from grass to grace

1. Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo – Former Two-Time Nigeria President

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo become president of Nigeria for di second time for 1999 until 2003.

But one year before dem swear am in for Abuja, na prison im dey for wia im dey do 30 years for prison.

For 1995, military panel bin claim say Obasanjo follow join retired and active military officers wey wan use coup comot Abacha.

During Abacha goment, Obasanjo dey opposition wey tok dia mind on top di many human rights abuse wey di goment bin do.

Di Ogoni nine activists wey include Ken Saro Wiwa wey dey fight fight goment and big boy oil company Shell dey among dose wey die for 1995.

Afta Abacha bin die for June 1998, dem free Obasanjo and sabi pipo tok say di ruling class bin gree among diasef to campaign for Yoruba man for di office of president.

Dis plan na compensate Nigeria south west region afat military goment no gree Chief Moshood Abiola, di man pipo believe win di 12 June 1993 election, become president.

Sambo Dasuki

Sambo Dasuki

2. Sambo Dasuki – Former National Security Adviser

By now Sambo Dasuki for no dey alive now because Abacha bin arrest and wan kill am because di Sokoto prince bin challenge di former military ruler to free MKO Abiola and allow am be president.

Na di June 12 election for 1993 wey former military president of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida bin cancel give Abacha chance to takeover.

Tori be say di Dasuki pick race run comot Nigeria army for 1994 wen Abacha wan silenece am, e run go join oda Nigerian pipo wey travel out go abroad dey campaign for di kontri to return to democracy.

In fact, dat time, Abacha police even declare Dasuki and odas wanted. Na General Abdulasam Abubakar come pardon di Sokoto prince afta Abacha die.

3. Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka

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Wole Soyinka for 1994 no dey fear to use im mouth wire Abacha goment

Professor Wole Soyinka, wey be first class writer and activist, join thousands of Nigeria pipo wey run go abroad for fear of wetin Abacha fit do dem.

Abacha life story.

Na for Kano State, nort western Nigeria dem born General Sani Abacha on 20 September 1943.

By 1963 Im finish school for di Nigerian Military Training Centre for Kaduna den do more training for UK.

By 1965 Im marry Maryam Jiddah. Dem born 10 pikin, but one of dem come later die.

Between 1967-72 – During civil war for Nigeria, Abacha fight for di federal side against Biafra and im continue to dey chop express promotion for army.