Big Brother Naija: See di BBN reunion 2020 video wey sell Tacha market and oda aproko from Big Brother Naija pepper dem reunion

Serious gbas-gbos about bragging, confidence and arrogance na happun for di third day of di big brother Naija PepperDem reunion.

Dis na afta most of di housemates list Tacha, Seyi and Omoshola as di pipo wey sabi brag well-well.

Wetin happun yesterday for di reunion

Kim Oprah start di gbas-gbos afta she say e dey very rude for Tacha to say all di oda housemates escort her come di house in front of all of dem during di opening of di game.

She say no be only about to make mouth, Tacha need to back am up with action and she no think say Tacha do dat for di house

Tacha come reply Kim Oprah and tell her say: “If you get anytin with dat Kim Oprah, fix your insecurities.”

Afta all di plenti gbas gbos and laughter, Kim Oprah tell Tacha say: “You no fit inspire me, na your insecurities dey make you dey speak like dat. You tok say you don learnt but you neva learn anytin. You left! Dem disqualify you!”

Difference between Bragging and Confidence according to di Housemate

Former housemates share dia opinion about di difference between bragging and confidence afta di Host, Ebuka ask if any problem dey if pesin dey put odas down in order to win di prize money.


“Confidence na to dey reassure yoursef based on your possibilities and abilities while arrogance na wen you dey exaggerate your abilities as a pesin or your possibilities.”

“I come inside a house and meet 20 housemate wey I no know from anywhere. I have to believe in mysef, I have to hype mysef, nobody go do am for me, we all dey here for di price money.

“If me dey reassure mysef say na me be di koko, any pesin get issue with dat, na im palava be dat.


“Bragging na wen pesin be ’empty barrel’ but e just dey make noise upandan, while confidence na wen pesin know wetin e fit do, who e be and sabi say e fit make great tins out of nothing.”

“Wen you brag, and dey make noise upandan, you dey try to dey positive about di tins wey you dey afraid of.

For instance pesin fit dey fear say pipo go say im no dey dress well, e go come begin dey shout; ‘do you know di number of cloth I get, do you know di kind of tins I can do…’ Dis na insecurity, di pesin neva fit do any of di tins wey e dey boast of but e believe say e fit do am.”


“Bragging na defence of your own individual insecurity, no be oda pipo own insecurity. If you feel say you no fit into a space you no suppose dey there.”

“Wen pesin wey dey brag meet very confident pesin, quarrel go dey. Dat quarrel na between insecurity and security.”


“Confidence na I feel good, dis is me feeling good, abrasiveness na i feel good, I no care about odas. Abrasiveness na robbing your whole environment and anybody wey dey around you di wrong way “

Tacha like to dey belittle odas to feel better about herself plus hurt pipo. She need to develop anoda way to fix her confidence”

Even with all dis gbas-gbos inside di reuninon show, Tacha still enta inside social media to continue di gbas gbos.