Coronavirus lockdown: Cyril Ramaphosa, Trump dey among 10 world leaders wey break lockdown rules

President Trump inspecting Ford plant

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President Trump was seen without a mask in a state where it was mandatory to wear one in public

From grandparents wey no fit carry dia new born grandchildren to pipo wey dey mourn dia loved ones and no fit attend dia burial, abi na lovers wey gats postpone dia wedding or na friends and lovers wey coronavirus separate.

Di lockdown wey dem do to slow down di spread of coronavirus don make pipo sacrifice many tins and those wey no obey di social distancing rules chop fines.

But some of di political leaders, scientists and advisers wey make di rule bin disobey am.

Check out some of dem.

Donald Trump

America alone account for 30% of pipo wey die for di world sake of coronavirus.

Trump holding a mask with a presidential seal

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President Trump said he didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing him in a mask

For di first week of April, di US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bin advice say make Americans begin dey wear face mask for public to take fight di virus.

But Oga Trump no follow di advice. “I just no wan wear one for myself,” e tok. He say im no fit imagine himself dey wear face mask, siddon for im Oval Office dey greet world leaders.

Some states like Michigan make am compulsory to wear face mask for public spaces and wen dey close contact wit pipo.

On 21 May, President Trump visit one Ford plant for di state wey go make ventilators. Di executives wey take am round di plant cover dia face but Oga Trump no gree use.

Wen tori pipo question am on top di mata, President Trump say im bin use one wen tori pipo no dey.

“He say im no wan give tori pipo joy to see am for face mask.” He tell dem like that.

Di state attorney general, Dana Nessel, no tink say e funny as e compare di president to one disobedient child wey no dey like follow rules.

Death at the heart of government

For Nigeria, top goment leaders no dey free as di coronavirus spread reach di highest pipo for di corridor of power.

Di virus infect di kontri powerful Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari and di govnor of Bauchi state for di 26th of March 2020.

Govnors of Oyo and Ekiti states also test positive to di virus.

Health workers prepare to bury the remains of Nigerias Chief of Staff (COS), Abba Kyari

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Those attending Kyari’s burial didn’t observe social distancing norms

Kyari bin return from Germany for di early part of di month. He attend one ruling party meeting wey di President, Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and 16 other state govnors dey.

After e test positive to di virus, di President and Vice-President also do test and one official tell BBC say dia result na negative.

Few weeks later, on di 17 of April, Abba Kyari die and dis make am one of di very important pipo to die from di virus.

Pipo wey don die from coronavirus for Nigeria don pass 300.

Cyril Ramaphosa

South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa bin chop accuse say e take fotos wit strangers afta e tell pipo to obey social distancing rules.

One video wey go viral for social media show wen Ramaphosa tok say im dey break di social distancing rules afta two women say make e follow dem take picture.

Vladimir Putin

For 24 March wen coronavirus outbreak mata dey hot, di Russian president Vladimir Putin bin visit one hospital for Moscow to check how dem dey prepare.

Vladimir Putin with Denis Protsenko

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Days after this handshake Doctor Denis Protsenko tested positive for Covid-19

Di Russian Presido bin no wear any protective gear as im inspect di hospital and dey follow doctors tok.

Dis behaviour dey very risky as he even shake hand wit di chief doctor, Denis Protsenko, who later test positive for di virus. Dis action make pipo begin doubt Oga Putin health.

As of 2 June, Russia don record 423,186 infections – di third highest number for di world afa US and Brazil – and pipo wey don die sake of di virus don pass 5,000.

Minister punished in pubic

South Africa Communication Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams bin go special leave for two months and dem force her to beg President Cyril Ramaphosa afta she disobey di stay at home rule.

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahamsfor one meeting

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Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams apologise say she break di rules

One foto for social media show as di minister dey chop lunch wit five oda pipo for di house of one former deputy minister.

Wen di kasala burst, di minister tok sorry.

She say “I regret di incident and she hope say di President and kontri pipo forgive me.

Oga Ramaphosa bin say nobody dey above di law.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Kontri pipo bin drag Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin afta dem do small party wit dia children to celebrate di festival of Passover afta dem tell di remaining kontri pipo make dem no celebrate di festival.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and im son Avner

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Netanyahu chop accuse sake of di Passover meal e do for im son

Just before dem start di Passover period, Netanyahu bin order nationwide lockdown and e tell pipo make dem no make plenty food to celebrate di festival so as not to infect old pipo for di family wit di virus.

But few days afta, pipo begin see foto of di food e cook for im son for di Passover day.

Pipo wey close to Netanyahu say wetin e do no bad as im son Avner house dey close to di Prime Minister house but pipo no reason am like that.

Di kontri President Reuven Rivlin also chop accuse say im celebrate di Passover wit im grown up daughters.

Di president tok sorry afta e don turn public mata.

Politics of faith

India prime Minister bin lockdown di kontri on 24 March and about 1.35 billion pipo for di kontri no fit comot. Places of worship like temples also dey closed.

Di lockdown order catch plenty migrant workers and many of dem gatz waka hundreds of kilometres go dia house. Some even die for road.

But one top politician, Yogi Adityanath disobey di rule di very first day di law start.

Di chief minister of India most populous state, Uttar Pradesh bin take foto of imsef as im dey participate for one religious ceremony for di state wey ova 230 million pipo dey live.

Fined for rules violation

Malaysia deputy health minister bin chop fine say im disobey di kontri ban on movement order.

Noor Azmi Ghazali pay $325 afta one picture of wia im dey enjoy food for one Islamic school show for social media.

Malaysia get very tough restrictions and penalties to stop di spread of Covid- 19. Dem don prosecute plenty pipo.

Conflicting advice

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson na Covid- 19 survivor and e spend plenty nights for intensive care unit.

Just before e enta hospital, e bin do some rules to take control pipo movement.

Sake of dis, many pipo gatz postpone weddings, funerals and other public events.

Prof Neil Ferguson

Imperial College London
Prof Ferguson advised the government to impose lockdown

Professor Neil Ferguson – wey im advice make di prime minister lockdown UK – step down from im position for di government Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies after e gree say im make mistake.

Dis hapun afta one newspaper report say one woman wey im dey befriend claim say he visit am during di lockdown.

Prof Ferguson say im regret say im no follow di social distancing rule.

Dr Catherine Calderwood

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Dr Catherine Calderwood resign after di media expose her rule-breaking journeys

Professor Ferguson no be di only expert wey disobey di lockdown regulations for UK.

For April, Scotland chief medical officer bin resign from her job afta she travel go her second house two times during di coronavirus lockdown.

Dr Catherine Calderwood bin apologize and continue her work but pressure from di press and public force her to resign.

Another British adviser on coronavirus wey pressure dey to resign sake of say im break lockdown rule no gree as e still dey do im job.

Dominic Cummings holding a presser to explain his action

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Dominic Cummings enjoys the full confidence of his boss – Prime Minister Boris Johnson

When tori comot say Johnson trusted lieutenant and adviser Dominic Cummings drive 260 miles from im London home go Durham for di north of England during lockdown, many pipo bin come for di prime minister.

Cummings tok say im no break any rule and say im no go step down.

Police say wetin im do dey against di law, but e be like say Cummings get di support of im oga and im go keep im position.

Britain na di second worst-affected kontri for di world, wit a death toll wey dey near 40,000.