Rape: See some of di reason why women no report sexual assault to authorities

A female university student in Kenya

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Plenti of di concerns wey dey make ladies wey survive rape not to report to authorities. na because nobodyi go believe dem, fear, dem dey embarrassed, dem blame demsef and so many odas.

Dis na wetin BBC Pidgin find out from most of di tweet and comments wey land social media as di hash tag ‘Why I Didn’t Report’ #whyididntreport dey trend all ova di world just.

Dis hash dey also trend for Nigeria togeda with ‘Abuja to Akure’, ‘#SayNoToRapist’ sake of di sexual abuse wey some women don experience.

For United State of America plenti pipo don begin share dia stories as to why dem no report sexual assault. Di most popular tweets na from pipo wey dey share dia experiences as di victims to abuse.

One of victim say she no report because di family of her abuser dey for police force while anoda woman say her abuser na her friend.

See di tweets dem

One twitter user say why im no report na because she dey fear make pipo no look her as weak and she dey embarrass for trusting someone wey happily molest her.

As pipo for obodoyibo America and all ova di world dey complain about dia experience, Nigerians for twitter dey vex afta one video go viral about one lady wey dey travel from Abuja to Akure wey one male passenger molest for motor.

According to di tori, di lady scream wen di male passenger first molest her and di pipo inside di bus tok say she dey overreact and even at dat, one soldier for road tell her to keep quiet wen she report di incident, so she no get any oda choice than to video wetin dey happun.

Nigerians also dey para concerning di rape and murder of Uwavera Omozuwa, one 22-year-old University of Benin student. Dis also don trigger di #saynotorape wey dey trend all ova di kontri.

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