Justice for Uwa: Rape tori dem wey shock Nigeria

Justice for Uwa and Justice for Jennifer dey trend for Nigeria ontop social media.

Dis dey come as many pipo dey para on top di murder of one 22-year-old student Uwavera Omozuwa, wey some jaguda pipo kill inside one Redeemed church for Benin afta dem rape her.

Dis no be di first time tori like dis dey come out, but di tori of Uwa like some odas wey don happun for di kontri touch pipo for heart wella.

See four rape tori wey shock Nigeria in recent times

Ese Oruru

Na on August 12, 2015 na im Dahiru take Ese from her home for Bayelsa to Kano wia dem marry her give am and change her name to Aisha, afta dem convert her to Islam.

Afta months of plenti cry from her parents and human rights activists as well as investigations by di police, dem return her to Bayelsa for March 2016, wen she don already get belle.

On May 26, 2016, Ese born baby girl.

Dem later charge Dahiru with child trafficking, child abuse, rape, kidnap, infringement on di right to religion, and holding a person against her will.

Federal high court for Yenagoa on May 21, 2020 sentence Dahiru to 26 years in prison for child trafficking and oda charges.

Pipo carry banner do I no go gree go Human Rights Commission for Abuja on last year wen e happun

Pipo carry banner do I no go gree go Human Rights Commission for Abuja on last year wen e happun

Ochanya Ogbanje

Ochanya Ogbanje dey five years old wen she start to dey live wit di Ogbuja family for Benue State, north central Nigeria.

Di plan na to go school from dia even as she dey epp out wit work for di house but na anoda tin she meet.

Tins start to dey spoil wen Ochanya clock eight years old and Victor Ogbuja, her aunty pikin allegedly start to dey rape her. Di mata worse for her wen according to tori, papa of di house, Andrew Ogbuja join too.

Di plenti ‘rape-rape’ make Ochanya sick well-well.

Ochanya die on October 17th 2019.

Plenty Nigerians bin protest di way wey Ochanya Ogbanje carri die and dem want make goment make strong law to punish any man wey rape woman.

Di main suspect Andrew Ogbuja dey police hand as di case still dey court.

Busola Dakolo

Early for 28 June 2019, one video bin comot ontop social media wia Busola Dakolo, wife of one popular Nigerian musician bin tok how as a young girl, one Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo enter her family house to ‘rape’ her.

Biodun Fatoyinbo wey be di Senior Pastor of di Common Wealth of Zion Assembly COZA deny di rape allegation from im former member, Busola Dakolo.

Di tori shake Nigeria and cause ogbonge protests.

One federal high court later dismiss di case wey Busola carry go dia domot and ask her to pay fine for wasting dia time.

Uwavera Omozuwa

Di life of di 22 year-old girl cut short afta she die on Saturday, May 30 from alleged rape wey happun inside di Redeemed Christian Church for Ikpoba Hill, Edo state, Nigeria.

Although police still dey investigate, di family insist say na rape case.

Tori be say Uwa, wey be first year Microbiology student for University of Benin, bin go read inside di church near her house wen di rape happen, according to wetin her elder sister Judith Omozuwa tell BBC Pidgin.

Three days later afta di alleged rape incident, Uwavera die for hospital.

No correct data dey for rape cases for Nigeria. Even di Nigeria Bureau of statistics, di body wey dey update data no get any statistics of rape cases for di kontri.

But one 2014 United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) report tok say over 120 millions girls for di world don experience rape for some points for dia lives.

Di body say one in four boys and one in 10 girls below 18 years be victim of sexual violence.

Rape: How my step-father rape me for seven years’
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Wetin fit to reduce or stop rape?

According to Titilayo Vivour-Adeniyi, wey be di coordinator of di Lagos state Domestic Violence Response team, Nigeria as a society if dem wan reduce rape for di kontri go get to do two important tins.

As men na very important part to stopping rape and domestic violence, Vivour-Adeniyi say e dey necessary to talk to boys on mata of sex and reproduction.

E good make dem know about positive masculinity. Make dem understand say dem no dey do competition wit girls of dia age.

One oda way to help fight crime of rape na to name and shame rapists. Every state suppose get register for sex offenders she tok,

Di register go get di manes of all di pipo wey rape pesin, wey dem cari go court, wey court don convict of rape.

Den dem go paste dia foto for different parts of dia community so dat area pipo go sabi say dem be correct rapist.

To name and shame rapist need law to make am legal. Witout law wey convict pesin as rapist, e go hard to name and shame anybody for di offence of rape, she tok.