Kogi Stae news: ‘”We no dey aware of any Covid-19 case”

Few hours afta Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announce say Kogi State for di north central region don record COVID-19 infection case, di state goment don react say dem no dey aware of di case.

Kogi wey before now be di only two, of di 36 states including Abuja, wey claim say dem don get coronavirus infection, register two cases for di first time on 27 May, exactly three months afta Nigeria record dia first case on 27 February, 2020, according to latest update from NCDC.

But di state goment tok tok pesin, Kingsley Fanwo say before NCDC go announce say pesin for any state get COVID-19, e go must inform di state health ministry but dat as e dey now nobodI don brief di state health authority or di goment on top di mata.

Oga Kingsley say di state still dey wonder wia dem get di pipo wey dem test from as di state no know anytin about di mata.

Cross River and Kogi state na di two states for Nigeria wey bin neva get any case of COVID-19 for close about three months since one Italian man first carri di Coronavirus enta di kontri.

To make sure say dia claim dey true, di health minister plus NCDC deploy dia official to Kogi State first to find out wetin dey happun dia and epp di goment prepare.

But dem return back to Abuja afta di state goment tell dem to quarantine for 14 days before dem start work.

NCDC – Kogi Goment gbege since dis COVID-19 wahala, di federal health authority and di Kogi state goment don dey get problem.

Di health officials for Abuja claim say na because Kogi State no dey test enough na im make dem neva report any case.

But di state commissioner for health, Saka Haruna Audu say di state don develop full testing capacity and don conduct hundred test and all of dem turn out negative.

E say di state no go get hand for any wuru-wuru COVID-19 claim and dat is why di state no go recognise any coronavirus test wey any kogite do outside of di boundaries of di state except di one wey goment approve.

Oga Saka beg kogite make dem follow all di rules wey dey ground to protect demselves. Meanwhile, Oga Kingsley say di gbege wey dey between NCDC and di state na operational disagreement.

For us we believe say dem di hide plenti tins from Nigerians about Covid-19 and Kogi state dey expose dem and dem no like am.

NCDC oga, bin don say for di daily COVID-19 taskforce meeting say e dey all state goment hand to ensure dem protect dia pipo from Covid-19 and dat di work of di agency na to assist dem achieve beta result.