Okochi Chukwu Obeni :’Dem flog me 50 strokes of cane’

One Nigerian pastor tell BBC how dem flog am and torture am for two hours because of post wey im criticise one local official for Facebook say im don fail for im duty to build road.

Okochi Chukwu Obeni say one local traditional councillor for Afikpo North area for south-eastern state of Ebonyi call am for meeting.

“Dem make me lie for my back come face sun. Afta dat one dem flog me 50 strokes, tie my hand for back and force me to lie inside dirty water for two hours,” na wetin im tell BBC Igbo service.

“Di pipo wey film di whole incident … force me to renounce di post I make,” na wetin di pastor tok.

“Right now, I dey for hospital, and my two hands neva recover.

Na one human rights group help me with di initial hospital expenses but every oda expenses come from my pocket.”

Di video of im flogging make pipo para for social media and tori be say dem don arrest 10 pipo on Wednesday wey get hand for di incident.