Rivers lockdown: Govnor Wike relax Port Harcourt, Obio Akpor lockdown for six days

Govnor Wike relax lockdown


Rivers State Goment don suspend di total lockdown on Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt Local Government Areas for 6 (six) days, starting from Thursday, 21st May 2020.Governor Nyesom Wike tok dis one for State-wide broadcast say pipo fit go about dia business from Thursday May 21 until 8.00 p.m on Tuesday 26th of May 2020, when di lockdown go continue again till further notice.

Di relaxation of di lockdown go allow businesses like banks, supermarkets, shopping malls and shops to open but all land, sea and air exit and entry borders still remain closed.Also, all open markets, motor parks, hotels, bars, night clubs, restaurants and barbers’ shops must remain shut and religious gatherings no go pass 50 pesins but all public weddings, burials and other social gathering dey prohibited.

Di Governor say all private and commercial vehicles, including keke napep must continue to limit di number of passengers to two persons only and wearing of face masks for public spaces, including commercial and private vehicles still dey compulsory and anybody wey no wear go dey arrested as di law demand.Di Governor come tell all residents to continue to maintain social distancing for every public space come say make dem no fear say di number of coronavirus cases for di State go dey increase.As at Wednesday 20 May, 2020, Rivers State get 53 recorded cases, 29 dey active and dey take treatment, 21 don recover and dem don discharge dem and three pesins don die.