Trump: Wetin dey inside di US President letter wey blast WHO

President Donald Trump speak during roundtable meeting for State Dining Room of di White House on May 18

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Oga Trump accuse di UN agency of being “dependent” on China.

America President Donald Trump don send letter to di head of di World Health Organization with threats to stop to fund di organization ova Covid-19 matter.

Di letter give WHO 30-days deadline to commit to “visible improvements or dem dey at risk of losing millions and US membership of di union.

Oga Trump publish di letter on Twitter on Monday night and address am to WHO oga Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Im blame China for trying to cover up on di outbreak of coronavirus wey start for Wuhan for Hubei province, China.

But china foreign ministry tok tok pesin Zhao Lijian say Trump dey try to mislead di public, spoil China name and “shift di blame for [di US’s] own poor response”.

Since di outbreak, more than 1.5 million pipo don catch di virus for America and 90,000 of dem don die.

Wetin dey inside di letter?

For im letter, di US president criticise di stages of WHO response since December and accuse dem of being “dependent on China”

Among wetin dey inside di letter, president Trump also accuse di agency say dem “consistently ignore” wetin im see as “credible reports” of di virus spreading in Wuhan for di start of December or even earlier.

Beijing deny di allegation. Earlier dis month china foreign ministry say di kontri since “don dey in good communication and co-operation wit WHO and dem “no ever attempt to manipulate di organization”.

Also inside di letter, Mr Trump:

  • Tok say WHO delay to declare emergency sake of pressure from, President Xi Jinping.
  • Accuse di WHO of failing to comment on discrimination of against Africans wey dey stay for China.
  • E criticise di agency say dem praise China “transparency” even though say di goment of di kontri no allow pipo tok about wetin dey happun and lack of international co-operation.
  • E say Dr Tedros for fit save “many lives” if to say e act like di Dr Harlem Brundtland wey bin be di WHO chief during Sars outbreak for 2003.