Madagascar coronavirus cure: African kontris wey don receive covid-organics tonic

Even though say World Health Organization never give green light to di ‘miracle herbal drink’ wey Madagascar president say dey work against coronavirus, some African kontris don begin receive di drug.

With steady increase in cases of Covid-19 inside Africa continent, different kontris don begin turn to di drink wit hope say e go be di ansa to virus.

On May 13, Comoros president, Azali Assoumani tell di pipo of Madagascar ‘thank you’ afta di kontri receive donation of di Covid-organics from Madagascar.

Delegation from Comoros bin fly go Madagascar to collect di consignment weeks after dem bin signal interest to get di drink.

Nigeria say dem dey expect di Madagascar Covid-Organic herbal medicine even though di goment also make am clear say di kontri go submit di drug to standard pharmaceutical tests.

African kontris wey don receive Covid-organics

  • On May 9, Chad receive dia own portion of Covid-organics after dem send official jet to collect di ‘virus cure’.

  • Tanzania wey don record 509 confam cases of di virus as of 15 May don also receive dia own consignment of di herbal tonic.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo don collect di own too.
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau consignment come as donation from Madagascar President to di West African bloc.

At di time of dis tori, BBC Pidgin no go fit independently verify how well dis drink dey helep dis african kontries wey don collect di drink dey use.

Wetin dey inside di drink

Launched as Covid-Organics, dem produce di drink from di Artemisia plant – di source of ingredient wey dem dey use for malaria treatment and oda Malagasy plants.

Dem dey market am inside bottle and as herbal tea afta dem test am on less than 20 pipo over period of three weeks, na so di president chief of staff tell BBC.

Di Malagasy Institute of Applied Reseach (Imra) don “test am for two pipo and e don cure dia treatment”, according to president Rajoelina.

Im add say “dis herbal tea dey give results in seven days”.

Oga Rajoelina say di kontri dey work wit foreign researchers to create di drink as injections.

WHO don draw ear against untested remedies

Di World Health Organization, don draw ear drop warning ontop dia website say “no evidence dey to suggest say dem fit avoid COVID-19 or treat am wit products wey dem make from from Artemisia-based plant material.”

However Madagascar’s President Rajoelina don continue to defend dis ogbonge COVID Organics against pipo wey dey bad mouth am. Inside one interview with French radio stations on Monday, im said the world just no want to admit say “a country like Madagascar fit develop dis formula to save di world” from COVID-19 Coronavirus.