Abortion belt, Show belle, oda funny names Nigerians dey call di popular clothes wey reign for di 90s

Girl wey dey wear puff puff gown

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Pipo wey dem born between di year 1990 and 1999 for Nigeria get some special clothes wey dem bin rock wella wen dem still be small pikin.

Almost all di ’90s kids’ (as dem like to call diasef), go sabi most of dis clothes and funny names wey pipo use sabi dem.

1. Show belle

Model wey wear show belle top

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Dis na one of di hot attire wey only di hottest set of girls bin wear for di 90s.

‘Show belle’ blouse na wetin oyibo dey call ‘crop top’. You no need solve maths too much to see why pipo begin call dis kain blouse ‘show belle’ sake of how di cloth no dey fully cover pesin belle.

Plenti popular Nigerian actresses bin rock dis top wella for dia feems.

2. Spaghetti top

Model wey wear tank top

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Dis na anoda blouse wey reign well-well for di girls wey bin like shakara for di 90s.

Na wen we come grow up we find out say wetin we dey call ‘Spaghetti top’ na ‘Tank top’ for oyibo.

Some pipo still dey call am spaghetti till today, especially those ‘Okrika’ sellers for Yaba and co.

3. Fela trouser

Fela trouser

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Pipo bin name dis type of trouser wey dey wide for di bottom part, ‘Fela trouser’ afta di late Afrobeat king & ogbonge Nigerian musician Fela Kuti sake of say im dey always wear dis kain trouser to perform for stage.

But for oyibo, pipo sabi am as ‘Palazzo pant’.

4. Low waist

Low waist

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Dis na anoda type of trouser wey 90s pikins bin rock tire for olden days but most pipo no know say oyibo dey call am ‘low rise trouser’.

5. Puff-puff hand

Shey you even be confam 90s babe if you no go End-of-di-year party wit your Cinderalla dress wey dey always get big puff-puff hand?

If your mama na ‘Holy holy pesin’, na im be say na dis kain gown full your wardrobe dat time sake of how e dey cover pesin bodi well-well.

Di first time wey I sabi say na ‘Puff Sleeves’ oyibo dey call dis gown na for di Netflix show ‘Anne With An E’.

6. Abortion belt

Abortion belt

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Some mama dem no gree buy dis belt for dia daughters just because evri time wey dem hear di name, na so so tufiakwa dem go dey do.

I no weda our mothers tink say if dem bin allow us rock dis belt, we go automatically do abortion, hian.