Rinji Peter Bala: ”Wen see I my dead pikin body for ground, my heart scatter”

Wen 20- year-old Rinji Peter Bala and im six oda friend bin hang out dey gist for dia area for dat lovely evening of 12th of May, dem no believe dia eye say e go be dia last day togeda on earth.

Di 300 level student of History and International studies for University of Jos die afta operative of Operation Safe Haven for Jos shoot am.

‘Wen I see di lifeless bodi of my pikin for ground my heart scater, I feel really bad to see how dem waste am wit all im prospect” Rinji father explain to BBC News Pidgin.

59 year old Peter Bala and Cecilia im wife say di death of dia only son still dey like shock to dem and di pain dey unbearable.

Di fada tell BBC Pidgin say im pikin and six of im friend bin just dey area dey gist na im vigilante for di area see dem come report dem to personnel of di joint taskforce.

Dem come pick im pikin and di oda boys go dia office for Sector 1 headquarters for Zaria road.

Di security pipo first beat dem, wunjure some before dem come start to interrogate dem and even search dem, wen dem discover say dem no hold any bad tin for body,

dem come ask dem to go. As dem come dey go, na so dem hear shout say make dem start to run.

Di oda guys bin pick race and run for dia life, but di place wey Rinji stand e no fit run because one car dey pass, na as e dey wait make di car pass make im run, na im di bullet hit am and kill am immediately.

Di Nigerian Army Operation Safe Haven don apologise for wetin dia officer do.

Di tok tok pesin for di taskforce, Ibrahim Shittu say di force bin get info say some bad boys dey take advantage of di lockdown for Jos to steal.

And dat sector 1 patrol officers come arrest seven pipo and afta di investigation, dem come release five of dem to go, na im one officer wey dey sentry duty come think say dem dey escape come open fire.

On dem wey kill Rinji Bala

Im papa say im no think say dis kain tin suppose kontinu to happun for Nigeria.

” Rinji na intelligent young man wey get plenti prospect, e dey generous, loyal and fear God”.

” Everi morning, na im dey wake up im two oda sisters make dem pray, e dey care for all di pipo wey dey come our house and no dull moment wit am”.

” Members of di community like am well well because of how good im be. Im death na great loss” Bala explain.

Mr Dantala Bewan wey be Rinji uncle say by di time dem reach sector 1 headquarters, di young boy still dey ground flat inside di pool of im own blood,

and dat for di security to dey tok about armed robbery e shock am well well because di boy no get dat kain character.

” Wen pesin one kill dog, e go give am bad name n aim be di claim of di taskforce” im yarn.

E say na afta dem see am for ground, dem come report di mata to police for division A, for Jos dia.

Di police come give dem permission to cari di body go Plateau Hospital wia e dey mortuary.

Oga Bewan say im feel very bad and wetin di family dey demand for right now na justice.

Di taskforce say dem don launch investigation and dem don arrest di MOPOL personnel wey shoot di boy and dat dem don also visit di parents of di boy.

But oga Bala say im neva see any body from di Operation Safe Haven.

E say im don forgive di pesin wey kill im pikin ooo and dat as a law abiding citizen im don leave di mata to di goment to find justice for im pikin.