Orji Uzo Kalu: Supreme court judgement dey on point – SAN

Orji Uzo Kalu


While some believe say di Supreme Court follow di law for di judgement wey e give, odas believe say di judgement dey against di desire of di pipo to see say those wey dey corrupt dey inside prison.

BBC Pidgin for inside interview wit some Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Lawyer learn say di Supreme court decision dey in line wit law and di constitution of di kontri.

According to oga Jibrin Okutepa( SAN), di Supreme court na di highest court for di land and im judgement on to Orji Uzor Kalu corruption mata dey in tandem wit di law.

E explain give further say di court judgement dey try maintain di sanctity of di law but weda di judgement meet di expectation of di Nigerian pipo na different tori.

E explain give say dis no be di first time di Supreme Court of Nigeria dey give dis kain judgement and dat for June 17, 1977 dem pass the same judgement wen di den Justice Philip Nnaemeka -Agu for Anambra state bin pass judgement on top land mata between Obi Okudo and Obianwuna Ogbunyiya.

Di two pipo dey fight on top ownership of one land for Oboh -Ogidi for Anambra state. Before di date of judgement, dem come promote oga justice Nnaemaka to justice of the Court of Appeal from di High Court.

But despite im promotion, e still pass judgement for di mata in favour of Okudo and ask Obianwuna make e no venture enta di land or trespass at all.

But Obianwuna lawyer cari di mata enta Supreme court to challenge say Justice Nnaemeka no get di powers to give di judgement and so make di court declare di mata null and void and di Supreme Court den listen to am and declare say di mata no hold water.

E explain give for Nigerian constitution for section 249-255 show how di process of appointment, different judges of di different court of Nigeria and dia responsibilities.

And because of di division of power wey all of dem dey share, one judge from one court no go just enta anoda court to decide any mata. Dis one mean say judge wey dem don elevate go Court of Appeal, no go just go back to di Federal High Court to go chook mouth for mata dia.

And dat as di mata dey for ground now, na only di National Assembly fit amend di constitution to allow justices of di Appeal court to judge mata for High Court.

E add say as long as di constitution no change, e mean say di status quo go remain.

Di Supreme Court of Nigeria on Friday bin nullify di trial of di former governor of Abia State and others, wey dem bin don convict and sentence for December 2019, for accuse of one N7.65billion ($19.6m) fraud dem do.

Meanwhile, Di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria say dem don ready for anoda fresh trial of di former Govnor.

Di EFCC say di judgement dey unfortunate and na technical ambush against di trial.