Coronavirus tips: How WHO say make we use face mask sake of COVID-19 outbreak

A woman wears a white face mask and covers her hair with an orange fabric.

One seller wear one plain white mask as she sell goods inside Ivory Coast’s biggest city, Abidjan…

As di coronavirus pandemic continue to dey spread for di world, state goments for different kontris don order compulsory use of facemask as measure to slow down di spread of di Covid-19 disease.

Although di World Health Organization tok say na only health workers, pipo wey dey treat Covid- 19 patients and pipo wey sick suppose dey wear facemask.

Di health join bodiinsist say pipo wey well no need use facemask. However, scientists for all ova di world say e no bad if evribodi begin dey use am as e dey safer to use, pass wen di face no dey covered wit mask for dis coronavirus period.

How to use face mask properly

Di World Health Organization advise say if you wan use facemask, den you must sabi how dem dey wear am and how you go fit troway am properly.

Nkechi Ogbonna na BBC tori pesin wey wear face mask

If you dey take care of pesin wey get di virus, di advice na to dey wear face mask to cover your mouth and nose

Di health body show five ways how you fit use facemask wey go work.

  • Before you wear face mask, make sure say you use hand sanitizer wey get alcohol or wash your hands well-well wit soap and water.
  • Cover ya mouth and nose wit di mask and make sure say no space dey between ya face and di mask.
  • No begin touch di mask afta you don wear am. if you do mistake touch di mask, clean your hand again wit and sanitizer or go wash am wit soap and water.
  • Once di face mask don wet wit heat, comot am and use new one. Dem no dey reuse single facemask.
  • To remove your mask: Comot am from back (No touch di front mask), troway am sharperly inside dustbin, clean your hands again wit hand sanitizer or wash am wit soap and water.

Lagos and Osun states, south west Nigeria don become di latest states for di world to make am compulsory for use of face mask for all dia residents before dem enta public space.

Di states follow afta Germany, Republic of Czech, Australia, Morocco, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland, Jamaica, Bosnia and Herzegovina wey don give order say make nobody comot for house witout facemask.

Coronavirus Tips: Face mask fit protect you from Covid-19
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Even di Nigeria Presidential Taskforce on Covid- 19 for one of di recent media briefing bin encourage all kontri pipo to begin dey use facemask if dey wan comot for house.

According to di latest data wey di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control release for 24 April, di kontri get 1, 182 confamed cases of coronavirus, 35 deaths and 222 don dey discharged.