Latest Coronavirus in Nigeria na say FIRS ask supermarkets, banks to pay tax inside lockdown to help Covid-19 fight

As Covid-19 lockdown dey hammer economies, di Nigerian tax agency dey beg banks, supermarkets, telecoms to pay dia tax.

Di Nigerian federal tax agency on Saturday ask telecoms companies, banks and supermarkets to try pay dia tax during di Covid-19 lockdown.

For letter wey Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) oga Muhammad Nami sign, di goment agency reason am say market dey sell well-well for dis companies, so make dem pay tax in order to support di goment.

Online shops and manufacturers of ‘some kain products’ also follow for di pipo wey FIRS believe say don make money during di lockdown of over one month now.

Di lockdown don force all businesses – both formal and informal – to close down, with di exception of those wey dey into important tins like healthcare and food.

Wetin e also mean be say many pipo no get money to spend like before.

Di letter wey FIRS bin post for dia Twitter account on Friday reveal say di Nigerian economy don go down and goment no dey see money like di way dem dey see am before di Covid-19 pandemic.