5G network and Coronavirus: Wetin experts tok about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome yan

One preaching by Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, wey im capture for video circulate for social media afta e go viral.

Pipo share di video of Pastor Chris wey dey tok about 5G and di end time.

One Twitter handle share one part of di preaching and on top dat handle alone, di video don gather more dan 100,000 views.

Di Bible tori wey Oyakhilome tok about for di video. Di user of di account sef believe say di vaccine na sign of di end time.

BBC Pidgin try to collect di full video for pastor Oyakhilome church website and YouTube but dem don delete am.

But for part of di video wey still dey circulate, di pastor claim say na di 5G network dey make pipo sick and no be coronavirus.

BBC Pidgin tok to sabi pipo wey tok say im yan na lie.

Abdulrahman Odunaye, Network solution Architect wey dey live and work for di Middle East, explain give BBC Pidgin say 5G no get connection with di coronavirus pandemic.

“No correlation between 5G and coronavirus. If we even wan go into science of di whole thing, even if electro-magnetic waves go harm you, e no go metamorphose into virus. If to say coronavirus dey show like cancer, e fit get scientific backing because some pipo for science dey believe say electro-magnetic waves dey cause cancer,” na how Odunaye take chook mouth for di tori wey di pastor bin give.

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Protests don dey go on already on top dis conspiracy

One doctor wey go Havard University and currently base for US, Joshua Adeoye, explain further for anoda interview with BBC pidgin say viruses dey behave different from cancer for bodi.

“Viruses bi organisms, like bacteria. So when dem enter bodi, dem dey always look to take over dia host cell system, so dey fit use dat system , replicate demsef, Adeoye tok.

“Cancer for di oda hand, be deranged growth. Abnormal cells wey suppose die but continue to dey happun at abnormal and uncontrolled rate.

“While virus fit take over di cell apparatus to create imsef (so di cell no go fit replicate imsef), di cancer cell dey replicate on im own. Na so Adeoye conclude.

Dem do lockdown make dem fit install 5G cables for Abuja and Lagos?

Oyakhilome for di video also claim say di reason Nigerian goment, like oda goment for di world, lock down Abuja and Lagos na to enable dem install di 5G cables.

First, di Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy don tok say Nigeria no get di new wireless technology.

Sabi pesin Odunaye sef tok say im be part of di team wey one lead telecommunication company for Africa to gather to try implement 5G network.

Di use of 5G dey limited for Africa. According to one DW report, 5G dey commercially available for Lesotho and South Africa but di use dey limited. Even though some African kontris don do demos, Odunaye say di application of di network no dey anywhere for west Africa.

Even though Lesotho get some presence of 5G, no single case of coronavirus dey di kontri as at di time Oyakhilome tok im tok, and no case even at di time wey we write dis report.

Odunaye say: “If di 5G dey directly related to di coronavirus, then I fit say make Nigeria no worry about coronavirus because 5G no dey Nigeria. Na only one network don run test for 5G for Nigeria and right now dem don stop as dem hit major road block.”

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Stay for house no dey scientific?

Oyakhilome also tok say to dey stay for house no dey scientific and e no go protect person on top dis virus. He come laugh di instruction wey everybody for di world dey observe as one measure to take stop di spread of di virus.

“Why we dey stay inside house,” he ask. ” Shey di virus dey fly pass, so we dey wait am make e pass? Why we dey inside? Scientifically, dis na di most foolish tin I don see. No science dey for dis. E dey stupid.”Oyakhilome tok.

Di World Health Organisation advise say social distancing na di way to reduce di spread of coronavirus wey dey spread through droplets.

‘Dem create 5G, coronavirus dem to give pipo digital identity’

Di pastor, also tok about how di 5G network and Covid-19 be plan to ensure say everyone for di world dey vaccinated, wey go allow everyone get “digital identity”.

Oyakhilome even use one article for one website ‘Biometric Update’ for September 30, 2019. Oyakhilome interprete di title of di article to mean say digital identity na number inside human bodi.

“E be number for your bodi. E dey on you. E go be on you,” im tok.

Pesin dey take temperature

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Di website don sharpaly re-write di article plus including definition of digital identity as dem see say some pipo dey misunderstand dia article,

BBC Pidgin speak with di editor of di website wey explain why dem include di definition for digital identity.

“We update di post in question after we become aware say e dey cause misunderstanding or otherwise some of our readers dey misinterprete,”.

Sabi pesin Odunaye add say “digital identity” no be tracker for body but instead “e be representation of things for internet.”