KNUST students for Ghana arrested over gang rape accuse – Wetin we know

Six students for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) dey inside police custody after dem allegedly gang rape one 100 level female student.

De Asokore Mampong District Court remand dem in police custody, pending investigations but some Ghanaians express dia disgust over de incident.

Lawyers for de accused however say de facts dem gather dey prove otherwise, but for now, dem dey work to secure bail for de students who for participate in dia semester exams.

Dis first year student according to reports visit her boyfriend, who in de process of dia intimacy make oda students come sleep plus de girl.

University authorities start dey advise female students to dey on high alert.

University Relations officer Dr Daniel Noris Bekoe talk say, “female students for ensure dia own safety… Wen male invite you to hostel make you no go, or go wit another colleague.”

“We dey educate dem, we get security people on campus who go make sure say de students be safe” e tok for media.

Wetin hapun

Reports be say one of de students who get relationship wit de female student invite am.

He initially talk about group sex wit de girl but she disagree to it.

He later convince am say de sex go dey between just de two of dem.

Later, she notice say oda guys enter wey dem start dey take advantage of am one afta de oda.

Dem be innocent until proven guilty – lawyer

According to lawyer for de accused students, Richard Adu Darko, “looking at de facts dem present to dem, we no dey see rape but dat be what dem accuse dem of.”

“De law say innocent until proven guilty… so until dem plead guilty or competent court find dem guilty dem be innocent” he add.

De court adjourn hearing to August 18, 2022.

But lawyer for de accused say he go apply to High Court for bail for de six students so say dem gut write exams.

‘Second gang rape incident in less dan two weeks for KNUST’

Dis be de second gang rape case for KNUST, only last week, one student den police officer allegedly gang rape one level hundred female student for one hostel.

Police pick up both student den officer who de lady finger as one of her alleged rapists.

Incidents of sexual assault, rape or gang rape no be common for Ghana universities.

University of Ghana 2011 sexual assault incident

For 2011, one incident of sexual assault hit University of Ghana afta students strip one lady dem accuse of stealing phone wey dem sexually assault her.

Dem video de victim who no be student of de school, but dia actions cause massive anger among Ghanaians leading to disciplinary actions against some.

What bore people be de fact that plenty male students indiscriminately sexually assault her while dem dey video dia self.

Police for Ghana dey investigate de recent two gang rapes for KNUST, meanwhile authorities say dem dey educate female students on how dem fit prevent or protect dia self from such sexual assaults.