Mompha declared wanted by EFCC: Bureau de change operator say agency dey blackmail am

Popular bureau de change operator Ismaila Mustapha wey pipo sabi as Mompha on Instagram don accuse di economic and Financial Crimes Commission and blackmail and intimidation.

Dis dey come afta di financial crimes body declare am wanted sake of di fraud allegation mata wey e dey answer for court.

Ismaila be di founder of Ismalob Global Investment Ltd, Bureau De Change company, wey dey for Lagos Island, Lagos South-West Nigeria.

Mompha dey popular wella for social media sake of di way im dey show luxury items.

For one long post on im Instagram account on Thursday, 4, August, 2022, Mompha tok why e no show face for court for di date wey e suppose to.

E say di EFCC bin dey try force am to enta plea bargain for crime wey e no commit.

E say di mata start afta court don order make EFCC give am im wristwatches wey dem seize, EFCC bin hold am again for dia office.

“I bin dey dia office for Okotie Eboh to retrieve my wristwatches in compliance wit di judgment of di court and immediately afta collecting my wristwatches, dem hold me down for dia office and charge me to court di following day on di frivolous charges.

I bin dey arraigned before a familiar Judge to di EFCC and in effect dem give me very difficult bail to meet as a result of which I end up spending over two months for prison custody while I dey make efforts to meet di difficult bail, e tok.

E further tok for di post say, afta several attempts to meet di bail conditions fail, im successfully apply for di bail conditions to dey reduced wey eventually lead to im release.

“Upon my release I travel outside Nigeria to check on di welfare and wellbeing of my family and return to Nigeria.” E tok.

E say instead make di EFCC lawyer, Rotimi Oyedepo to establish criminal case against am along wit one EFCC operative Kaina Garba, “dem chose to capitalize on di fact say I travel to blackmail me to enter plea bargain wit EFCC else dem go inform di Judge say I travel and ensure say my bail dey revoked therefore making me get no choice dan to dance to im tune”.

Mompha say, “I initially refuse but afta so much blackmail and intimidation by Rotimi Oyedepo, I succumb and dem tell me to pay N142 million naira to EFCC as compensation and also sign for one year imprisonment sentence wey I dey uncomfortable wit and dem later reduce am to N40 million naira and one year imprisonment.

“All these facts especially di blackmail and intimidation by di EFCC make me come to di conclusion say I no fit get justice within dis corrupt laden system as di EFCC dey hell bent on extorting money from me for crime I no commit as well as di Judge wey dey ready to send me back to prison custody without any evidence or basis”.

Di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission say dem dey find Mompha

On Wednesday August 4 2022, di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC put out statement to declare Mompha wanted.

EFCC say Mompha get plenti qwesion to answer about : Retention of proceeds from Criminal, Conduct, Possession of Document Containing False Pretences, False Asset Declaration and Laundering of Proceeds of Unlawful Conduct.

“Anyone wit useful information as to im whereabout should contact di EFCC or di nearest police station” EFCC tok.

EFCC case wit Mompha no new as im bin don dey answer to fraud gbege wit di financial crime body since 2019.

But wia Oga Mompha dey still dey unknown.

Timeline of EFCC gbege wit Mompha

For October 2019, Nigeria Immigration Service bin arrest Mompha for Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport as e dey board Emirates Airline Flight go Dubai afta one watch list wey EFCC release.

EFCC later drag Mompha go court on top charges say e launder moni through one company, Ismalob Global Investment Limited between 2015 and 2018.

Den for August 2020, EFCC arrest Mompha again on top fresh investigation wey link to suspected Yahoo-Yahoo alias internet fraud.

During dat time, EFCC bin tell BBC say dis fresh case wey dem use take arrest Mompha dey different from di one wey dem bin sama against am earlier on.

“You know we already dey court with am before, we get fresh information now and we go give further development about am later,”Head of Media & Publicity then for EFCC, Dele Oyewale tok.

For 2021, Nigeria anti-corruption police tok for statement say Mompha and im company, Ismalob Global Investment Limited dey face prosecution from EFCC on 22-count charge alleging various offences like;

•Retention of proceeds of unlawful activities to wit; fraud, failure to report transaction to di commission as required by di provision of di Money Laundering Prohibition Act, 2011 (as amended),

• Negotiating foreign exchange without license, contrary to Section 5 and 29 of di Foreign Exchange Monitoring and Miscellaneous (Provisions) Act, 2004,

•Engaging in foreign exchange transaction oda dan through di official foreign exchange market, contrary to provision of Section 11(1) (a) of di National Economic Intelligence Establishment Act to di tune of N32billion.

For January 2022, di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arraign Mompha and im company Ismalob Global Investment Limited on eight counts for alleged money laundering to di tune of over N6billion.

Afta Mompha plead not guilty to di charges EFCC Lawyer, Rotimi Oyedepo apply for trial date.

Dat time, court bin order say make dem detain Mompha for EFCC custody and fix January 18 as wen di trial go start.

For January 18, Court bin grant bail to Nigerian social media to Mompha.

Justice Mojisola Dada of di Ikeja Special Offences Court later adjourn di case to March 28 and 29, for further hearing.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, court bin revoke di N200 million bail wey dem earlier grant Mompha.

Di court decision na sake of wetin di prosecution counsel tell di court on June 10 2022 say Mompha bin use new passport to travel from Ghana to Dubai, meaning say e violate im bail terms.