INEC explain how you fit identify fake voters registration website


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Nigeria election agency, Inec don advise citizens avoid from any website wey claim to register voters after di July 31 deadline.

Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) clear di mata as one online site dey tell Nigerians to enrol for Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

Sake of dis, INEC bring out statement wey clearly state say dat website na fake.

“Di attention of di Independent National Electoral Commission dey drawn to one online site wey dey tell Nigerians to enroll for PVC registration…

“… claiming say di federal goment don approve individual Permanent Voter Card registration online to avoid unnecessary crowd for di “NIMC” centres.

“Di commission state without any doubt say di site no dey link to di commission and di link/portal na fake and na from dubious source,” Inec tok for statement.

Dis dey happun just as viral videos show how citizens discover bundles of Permanent Voters Card for road side.

Two major discovery happun just weeks apart for southeast and south-south in July, 2022.

How INEC identify fake voters registration website

Inec national commissioner for information and voter education highlight one important way to identify fake voters registration website.

Festus Okoye say any website wey still dey claim to dey register voters afta Sunday na fake.

Dis na unto say INEC don suspend di continuous voters registration exercise until di 2023 election don finish.

“Di difference between di fake and original INEC website na di fact say di commission don shut down di online portal wey dem bin open for di purpose of registration

“…and di continuous voters registration don dey suspended indefinitely pending di conclusion of di 2023 general election,” Festus Okoye tok.

E say di commission no do any meeting to revert dis decision and e no see dem changing dis decision wey dem don take.

Dis na because di commission need to move on to some oda issues and challlenges wey dey front.

Oga Okoye say dis na why dem first issue out statement to call di attention of Nigerians to di activities of some scammers wey don open fake website claiming say dem dey register voters.

“We don suspend di registration of voters, so any individual wey still dey engage in any form of registration up to dis particular period na scammer and e no come from INEC.”

E add say any website wey still dey on up till dis moment and dey do voters registration na fake, na scammers set am up.

And advise make pipo no patronize any website wey dey do voters registration as INEC don suspend di exercise for now until di election don dey ova.

Why INEC no extend voters registration again


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Featus Okoye explain give BBC Pidgin say if INEC continue to dey do di continuous voters registration e go cause serious damage to dia timetable.

“If we continue to dey do voters registration, e go do massive damage to our timetable and schedule of activities.”

“Dis na because constitutionally and legally, we suppose to clean up dis data to remove double and multiple registrants.”

“Also di constitution mandate us to display di register for all di local goment areas of Nigeria and all di di registration centers.”

“Na afta dat we go come print di permanent voters card of all those wey dey legally registered and wey pass di threshold of validity and then distribute to voters.”

E say if dem continue with di voters registration non-stop, INEC mo go fit do all dis things wey di law require dem to do.

Oga Okoye say di commission bin give Nigerians one year and one month to register before dis suspension.

“We start di online pre-registration for new register on di 28 of June, 2021 and for July 2021 we start di physical registration of voters.”

“We go on for over one year. we even suppose stop di registration exercise on di 30th of June but extend am by anoda 31 days up to July 31, 2022.”

Concerning pipo wey no dey able to register before di suspeNsion of di exercise, Oga Okoye say dia case dey unfortunate.

“E dey unfortunate say some pipo no fit dey able to register before di suspension of di exercise.”

“But I believe say one year and one month na sufficient time for any pesin wey really get di interest of di kontri at heart and wey really want to regitser to do so.”

Festus Okoye say afta di 2023 election, INEC go do massive sensitization, englightenment and advocacy to make pipo know say dem dey resume di Continous Voters Registration.

But for now all voters registration don dey suspended all ova Nigeria.

Wetin INEC bin tok for dia earlier statement


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Di independent National Electoral Commission advise members of di public not to fall victim to di trick of online scammers.

And make dem avoid any kain fake websites.

INEC explain say na dem be di only bodi wey di law and constitution give power to conduct registration of pesin wey qualify to vote for any election for Nigeria.

And na only di commission get power to update and revise di register wen di need arise, Inec add.

Di commission say na dem dey responsible for organizing, undertaking and supervising national elections for di kontri.

Dem no dey share dis work with anybody or organization, di election agency tok.

INEC say dem don conclude di Continous Voter Registration exercise all ova di kontri and dem no need to open any additional site or portal for di purpose of registration of voters.

By Princess Igho Williams