IS claim Kuje prison attack, Buhari blame intelligence system failure

"Kuje prison attack" about 7..10 and "President Muhammadu Buhari convoy attack" about 4….9 and “Abba Kyari” about3…9 in Nigeria

Kuje prison come under a deadly and fearful attack on Tuesday night 5 July 2022 inside Abuja Nigeria.

So-called Islamic State group (IS) don claim responsibility for Kuje prison break inside Nigerian capital, Abuja on Tuesday.

Hundreds of convicted criminals escape wen Kuje prison come under attack on July 5, 2022.

Inside one message on dia propaganda news site Amaq, di group say dem ‘’free tens of inmates’’ during di prison break.

IS operate inside West Africa with di name ISWAP.

Authorities already dey suspect say na Boko Haram insurgents cari out di hit.

Nigerian prison officials say more than 400 prisoners wey escape still dey unaccounted for afta di Kuje prison break.

‘I dey disappointed wit di intelligence system’

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari say e dey disappointed wit di jail break wey happun for Kuje prison.

Di Nigerian leader inside one post for im verified Twitter handle say e dey ”saddened by di attack on di Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kuje. I dey disappointed wit di intelligence system.”

E wonder why terrorist fit plan and carri out di attack and japa without any counter attack.

”How terrorists fit organize, get weapons, attack security installation and get away wit am?

”I dey expect a comprehensive report on dis shocking incident”. President Buhari tok.

Kuje prison attack see 879 inmates escape, Minister blame Boko Haram

"Kuje prison attack" afta "Presidential Muhammadu Buhari convoy attack" in Nigeria

Currently na 994 inmates dey registered for di prison, according to officials.

Kuje prison attack inside Abuja, Nigeria on Tuesday night see about 879 prisoners escape, as officials don retake di facility.

Defence Minister Bashir Salihi Magashi confam to BBC Pidgin on Wednesday morning, say na gunmen suspected to be terrorists break into di prison.

Of di 879 escapee prisoners, about 443 of dem dey recaptured and some voluntarily return. Toktok pesin for interior ministry Umar Abubakar tok.

And helicopter patrols dey pursue odas to return while security guards also catch some, Nigerian goment officials wey visit di prison tok.

Magashi and di Permanent Secretary Shuaib Belgore blame Boko Haram insurgents for di prison break.

E say na because 64 inmates wey be Boko Haram convicts bin dey for di correctional facility.

One Civil Defense Officer die, while three odas wound, di defence chief tell BBC Pidgin reporter.

Local tori pipo dey quote di Minister of Defence say e tok say ‘all 64 inmates wey be Boko Haram convicted prisoners escape for di Kuje prison break’.

Nigeria interior ministry later release press statement saying four inmates die during di incident.

And 16 odas wound during di prison attack, dem add.

Currently, dem still dey comb di bushes di facility inside di Nigerian political capital to hunt all di escapees.

Witnesses say dem hear loud explosions and gunfire around di prison for night on June 5, 2022.

One official of di Nigerian interior ministry say security forces don now ‘’take control of di situation’’ without giving details.

Currently na 994 inmates dey registered for di prison, according to officials.

Efforts underway to re-arrest those wey don japa.

President Muhammadu Buhari visit di Kuje prison afta di attack on Tuesday night.

"Kuje prison attack" afta "Presidential Muhammadu Buhari convoy attack" in Nigeria


‘Abba Kyari dey Kuje Prison now’

Abba Kyari miss afta di Kuje prison break? Na wetin many dey ask following di incident.

On di whereabouts of di detained police super cop, one prison official say Kyari dey safe for di Abuja correctional centre.

Nigeria Correctional Service PRO tell BBC Pidgin say “Abba Kyari dey safe.

Di jaguda pipo no go near im cell. Abubakar Umar tok.

Dem target wia dia pipo dey to release dem” im add.

Kuje Prison attack


Kuje prison dem establish am in 1989, e get a minimum and maximum holding cells wia inmates dey incarcerated.

Nigeria dey struggle to fight worsening insecurity with kidnapping gangs, Boko Haram extremists and IS-affiliated militants unleashing deadly violence.

Armed groups don cari out plenti jailbreaks across Nigeria freeing more than five thousand inmates since 2020.

Kuje prison attack happun just hours afta gunmen open fire on a convoy of president Muhammadu Buhari security guards for im home-state of Katsina.

Im protocol officials and media team bin dey for di advance team wey dey di attacked convoy.

Presidential security say dem also don overpower di attackers, according to statement from di president office.

Kuje Prison dey famous for holding high-profile offenders, including former governors and ministers. 

Jailed officials no dey among di escapees.

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Kuje prison attack

Kuje prison attack

Kuje prison attack

Kuje prison attack

Kuje prison attack