Kidney failure: Five tins wey fit lead to kidney failure

Anatomy of di Kidney

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Evri year, pipo around di world dey celebrate World Kidney Day for di 14th of March to torchlight all di issues wey dey affect pipo and dia kidneys and how dem fit promote correct kidney health.

For dis year, di focus na on how to make kidney health they available for everybody.

Statistics from di pipo wey dey do World Kidney Day show say 850 million pipo around di world get kidney diseases and di chronic one dey cause at least 2.4 million deaths every year.

Di Nigerian Association of Nephrology say na around 25 million pipo get kidney failure for di kontri and only 160 Nephrologists dey wey mean say na one per 1 million of di population.

Sabi pesin, Dr. Chuma Thomp wey follow BBC Pidgin tok say di kidney dey very important to di body as e dey epp remove all di tins wey di body no need and e dey also epp produce blood.

Di problem be say if di kidney no dey work, di tins wey di kidney suppose comot go remain inside di body and e no go dey aright for di body.

Wetin dey cause am?

High Blood Pressure

Dis one na one of di major causes of kidney failure. Till today, pipo never know wetin be di major cause of high blood pressure. However some tins dey linked to am like stress, overweight , too much salt, too much alcohol and smoking.

Kidney Infection wey dem never treat

Kidney Infections na serious gbege if pesin wey get am no treat am in time as e fit lead to kidney failure.

Sometimes na Urinary Tract Infections wey dey common among women dey cause dis infection.

Over use of drugs

Di saying, too much of everything no good, na something wey fit make pesin carry tin wey e no suppose get. Over use of drugs for pain and even antibiotics fit make you get problem with your kidney.

Even drugs wey no legal like heroin, cocaine and ecstasy fit damage kidney.


Pipo wey get diabetes also dey at risk for kidney failure as dia body no fit regulate di sugar wey dey dia blood stream.

Di tin fit damage di kidney lead to plenty medication, dialysis and even kidney transplant.

Patient on Dialysis

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Dialysis na one of di treatments for Kidney failure

Alcohol and soft drinks

Too much alcohol no dey good for your kidney as e fit make di kidney dey work over time.

Sometimes sef, e fit affect di liver wey go make di kidney start to do di work of di liver, stress di Kidney

Soft drinks also dey affect kidney because of di phosphoric acid wey dey inside di drinks. Sabi pipo don associate am with kidney failure.

Dr. Chuma Thomp believe say water go epp reduce di risk of kidney infections.

Im add say di ideal na 3 litres of water every day but im believe say for Nigeria weather, 4 to 5 litres na the ideal amount.