Ondo church underground – Police dismiss child kidnapping, give update

Di discovery of about two dozen pikins inside one church for Valentino area of Ondo town dey under investigation.

Police for di South West Nigerian state tell BBC Pidgin on Saturday say no be case of kidnapping or child trafficking.

E follow reports of suspected minors for condition wey be like mass kidnap case for di area.

Viral video show how police move many children and adults from di area to Akure, di state headquarters.

Police dey call for calm, make evribodi cool down allow dem investigate wetin really happun.

Funmilayo Odunlami, di Police Public Relations Officer say di State Criminal Investigation Department don take over di case.

DSP Odunlami say further information go dey communicated later.

Police make arrest, tok wetin dey happun inside Ondo church underground

Ondo State Police Command say di pastor of di church bin dey preach say di coming of Christ go happun by September.

And many members decide to wait for di coming for im church wey get underground apartment, according to police.

Di PPRO Funmilayo Odunlami, say dem arrest about 77 members, many of dem be adults.

Na 26 children, eight teenagers and 43 adults police arrest, according to one police report.

Two pastors dey custody, dem add.

Police say many of di children don comot school as dem believe say di world go end by September so no need for dem to go school.

Dem raid di Ondo church underground building afta one mother complain to di police say her children dey miss.

She bin suspect say her pikins bin dey for dat church church, di police PRO tok. 

Di pastor of di church and im assistant don chop arrest, police add.

Odunlami name di Whole Bible Believers Church as di place wia di incident happun.

Wetin go happun next?

Police dey plan to press charges on one Pastor Josiah Peter Asumosa, wen dem conclude instigation.

Dem name Asumosa as di prime suspect for wetin happun.

“Na him dey give teachings wey lead to wetin we discover” di police official tok.

Josiah Peter Asumosa na di assistant pastor for di Whole Bible Believers Church.

On wetin go happun to di children wey police arrest, dem say di plan na for di kids to reunite wit dia family after necessary investigation.

But di police official no fit tok wetin go happun to di pikins dem for dia custody – in terms of wia dem go sleep.

Dis kind of church ‘palava’ don happun before?

For May 2022, one Nigerian evangelist wey im name be Pastor Ade Abraham bin gather im members for Ekiti state.

E bin tell dem say di gate to heaven dey di town of Araromi-Ugbeshi for di Omuo-Ekiti region.

Pastor Ade Abraham bin chop accuse from one of im members say e collect 310,000 naira (about $746) from dem to fit take dem to di new kingdom of heaven.

Na one member of di church go alert police becos im no understand wetin dey go on for di church.

Pastor Abraham say truly, e bin tell im congregation to pay N310,000.

Di pastor add say im make di declaration wen im notice say im members trouble dey increase.

Im say im do am becos im get di “authority of God wey call me to practice for all wey want to serve di Lord wit dia whole heart.”

Di church founder also confam say e never receive any payment yet from any member of di church and di Ekiti State Police don shook mouth for di mata.

“Di police don come here to find out wetin dey shelle, Pastor Abraham tok.

“Di Ekiti state police oga bin call me for investigation and all di members of di church bin dey there.

“And all of dem bin take note of wetin hapun for fact-finding.”

Pastor Abraham church bin start for Kaba for Kogi state and continue for Kaduna state afta plenti kasala disputes wit di community pipo.

Na later im return to im hometown for Araromi-Ugbeshi for Omuo-Ekiti region.

Pastor Abraham na nomadic evangelist, and pipo say im ministry dey help plenti pipo and family for one way or anoda.

For Nigeria religion get strong hold on pipo behaviour.