‘No pikin die inside incubator for University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital’

'No pikin die for UPTH' - CMAC


Di University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital say truth no dey inside tori wey say some pikin wey dey for dia Special Care Baby unit die.

Chairman of di Medical Advisory Committe CMAC UPTH Prof Lucky Onotai tell BBC Pidgin say no pikin die for di unit as im respond to reports wey say some small pikins dem wey dey incubator for di Neo-natal unit of di hospital die sake of lack of power supply.

Prof. Onotai add say even though dem get power challenge, dem get generator back up wey dem dey work with.

“Di pipo wey dey tok dis tin dey tok lie. Na fake news. If na so wia di Mamas of dis pikin dem wey die? Ask dem make dem show you if really e happen.

“We get power challenge. Dat no be new tori for Nigeria. Evri wia for Nigeria dey get power challenge but we dey manager am with our generator.

“Di transformer bin get challenge wey we don fix but no day dey pass wey we no dey put on di generator. So no be true,” e tok.

Wen BBC Pidgin visit di hospital on Saturday, we see Peace Marcus wey be mama wey dey on admission with her preterm baby for di Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

She say since she don dey on admission for over one month, she never see pikin wey don die and even her baby still dey incubator dey receive care.

“I don stay here over one month because I get preterm baby. I never hear say any baby die here. No baby don die here.” She tok.

Nigeria national grid situation

Power outage no be new tin for Nigeria as many pipo no dey used to uninterrupted power supply for dia area.

Nigeria National grid don collapse more dan four times since di year start resulting into power outage across di country.

Nigeria dey generates up to 8,000 Mega Watts.

Authorities blame di constant power outages for di country on di activities of di terrorists who vandalize power infrastructures.

Nigerians experience blackout across di nation as national grid collapse on 12 June.

But wen light no dey for large parts of di kontri, pipo dey usually ask kwesions.

In June many electricity consumers receive dis messages wey read like dis:

“Dear Esteemed Customers, we regret to inform you of di on going system collapse on di National grid.

“Dis don affect our entire network and affect our ability to deliver optimum service.

“Abeg bear with us as we dey work with our TCN partners to quickly resolve di mata.

Dat na di message one electricity distribution company send to areas wey dem dey serve inside Nigeria commercial capital Lagos.