Ike Ekweremadu: Victim age na 21 not 15 – Nigeria Immigration Service

Nigeria Immigration Service tok say di victim for di case of senator Ike Ekweremadu, wey dey police custody for UK no be small pikin.

Di Comptroller General, Idriss Jerre say di birth certificate and di National Identity Number of di victim wey dem present during registration for im passport show say im dey 21 years old.

“During im interview for im passport on November 2, 2021, e show im birth certificate wey di National Population Council certify.

E show say na for October 12, 2000 dem born am.Abeg make una stop to make utterances wey fit damage di image of di service.” Jerre tell tok-tok pipo for virtual press briefingmon Sunday.

Court remand di Ekweremadus for police custody

UK court remand Senator Ike Ekweremadu and im wifeBeatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu for Police custody till 7th July.


UK Metropolitan Police cari di two Nigerians go Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon ontop charges to harvest pesin organ.


Di two Nigerian nationals appear for Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court for dia first court appearance on 23 June.


Prosecutor Damla Ayas tell di court say: “In respect of dis offence dem, di Attorney General approval dey required.


“And di Crown require 14 days for dem to get am.” Ayas tok.


Tori be say di majority of di allege offence bin take place inside di UK, di court hear.

Di defendants, wey dey married, regularly live in Nigeria but get family in London, dem tell Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.


Based on di prosecutor argument, dem adjourn di case for 14 days.


Di defendants [Ike Ekweremadu and Nwanneka Ekweremadu] dey remanded in custody.


Dem go appear for di same court on 7th July 2022.


Na on Tuesday 21 June, 2022, dem arrest di two prominent Nigerians.