Fact check: Why tori wey say INEC get voter registration units for Niger Republic no be true

Di Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) don share dia polling unit distribution spread give di BBC as dem say dem no get any registration units for Niger Republic as some viral news on social media dey claim.

One example of dat tori say Inec get registration units for Niger na di one way Nche Nwabunike post say Inec get past 20 voter registration units for Niger Republic.

Nwabunike comment wey e tok under one post by online newspaper Sahara reporters, na im dem don screen grab and share round for social media especially for WhatsApp.

Checks wey BBC Disinformation Unit do show say dis Nche Nwabunike account for Facebook get all di signs of a bot account as di page only get nine friends and no get any updates apart from di addition of profile picture.

Accounts like dis na im dem dey use push disinformation for comment sectios as checks with Inec prove say dis one be.

Di claim wey dis account tk na wetin oda social media users dey repeat up and down.

Facebook user Mazi IK Ijezie hala di same sentiment wen im post picture of pipo wey dey queue and tok say dem dey one of di centres for Niger.

Checks wey BBC do show say dis picture don dey go up and down for social media since July 2018.

Dem take di picture during di govnorship election for Ekiti state, for southwest Nigeria.

Inec tok-tok pesin Festus Okoye tell BBC say di commission no dey legally permitted to register voters outside Nigeria so dem be no way registration unit go dey Niger Republic.

E add say if anybodi register with INEC online platform, di pesin still need to physically show for Biometric capturing if dem wan vote.

How many Polling Units dey for Nigeria?

Di electoral commission don reveal say dem get one hundred and seventy-six thousand, eight hundred and forty-six (176, 846) Polling units for Nigeria and no one dey outside di kontri.

Oga Okoye conclude sat di claim na part of tok-tok wey dey emotive and divisive wey enta and dey profit from di ethnic and religious kasala wey dey di kontri.