‘Dem dey flog us four times everi day, morning till night’

Nasir Ali, (no be im real name) dey among 29 pipo, a group of phone sellers wey gunmen bin kidnap on June 11 2022 for Sokoto state northwest Nigeria for wia dem dey return from di wedding ceremony of dia friend.

Dem spend 13 days in captivity until dem regain freedom on Thursday, June 23 2022 after 13 days inside bush.

For exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin, Ali wey say e dey treat various wounds for im body say dat na di final wedding e go attend for im life afta im 13 days experience with gunmen inside bush.

“I dey very happy to be free because last di 13 days na hell for me and my friends inside bush, every day dem dey flog us four times, morning, afternoon, evening and night we must chop flogging.”

“As I dey feel now, I no go ever attend any wedding celebration again because of wetin I go through.”

Ali tok say wetin no make am escape like some of im friends on di day dem kidnap dem na because of gun wey dem point am.

“Na 50 of us dey inside di motor and wen dem block us some escape but why I no fit escape na say one of di gunmen point gun to my face say e go shoot me if I attempt to run na dat one stop me.”

Di phone seller say dem trek from 6:00pm on Saturday reach 2:00pm di following day before dem reach wia di gunmen dey call home.

“No be small trekking oh, through out di night, we no rest until Sunday afternoon na im we reach.”

“Already, dem bin seize our phones so on arrival, dem allow us tok to family once to tell dem about ransom and from dia notin like phone call again na only dem dey call our phone sellers chairmo to tok to am.”
Abubakar say im wives and children happy no be small wen e return back home.
Di man say e still dey pain am say goment no play any part in dia rescue.

How di incident happun

Na as about 50 pipo dey return to dia base for neighbouring Zamfara state afta attending di wedding of dia colleague and friend for Sokoto, attackers seize dem.

Pesin wey escape afta di attack tell BBC Pidgin say dem be about 50 from Gusau, Zamfara state phone market.

And dem bin dey gist inside di motor wen dem hear gunshots.

“We attend di wedding successfully and dey return, some dey even gist inside di motor.

Na as we reach Dogon Awo town na im di gunmen block our motor and begin shoot.

Di bullets hit some pipo fortunately for me I comot through window. As I dey try escape one of di gunmen tell me say e go shoot if I run, but I no listen I continue dey run.”

Di escapee say na about 20 of dem escape but nearly 30 of im colleagues dey with di gunmen and dem bin dey pray for dia return.

Insecurity for Sokoto state northwest Nigeria

On 21, June 2022, Gunmen recently for attack over 30 muslim pilgrims on dia way to airport from Isa local goment as dem wan travel to Saudi Arabia.

Di incident lead to death of six police officers wey bin dey escort dem to airport.

Last year 2021, Nigerians vex afta bandits stop vehicle for Sokoto wey carry over 30 passengers before burning all of dem alive.

Di passengers include women and children wey dey travel from Sokoto to anoda state.

Anoda major attack na for 2020 gunmen kill nearly sixty pipo for attack wey dem do for some villages for Sabon Birnin local goment for di same Sokoto.

Eyewitnesses say di gunmen spend hours dey kill and destroy properties without any counter attack.

President Buhari renew commitment to security 

During im Democracy Day broadcast, President Muhammadu Buhari say im dey work hard to address security challenges.

E say 2023 elections go dey secured.

“I ask citizens to support and cooperate with security agencies.

Di Nigerian leader also ask everybody to put victims of terrorism in dia prayers.

.“I and security agencies dey do everytin to free pipo wey dey in captivity and we no go stop until dem dey free”.

Im also say dem don upgrade cyber securities to catch criminals.

“I assure you of my commitment to protect Nigeria and Nigerians from all enemies from within and outside.”

Di Nigerian leader tok.

Meanwhile di Nigerian senate for April 2022 pass bill wey make am illegal to pay ransom no mata your relationship with pesin wey dem kidnap.

Di bill say pesin wey break di law go spend 15 years for jail while for di kidnapper na death sentence if dem catch am.