‘Na business dem close, no be my church’ – Pastor Tobi Adegboyega

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega na UK-based Nigerian pastor wey get kwanta wit UK goment.

“No be church dem close, na business dem close. And di document wey tok am, na business e tok, no be church. Church still meet last Sunday and we go still meet dis Sunday.”

Dis na wetin Pastor Tobi Adegboyega tell BBC Yoruba as im share im own side of di tori afta di UK goment shut down im church, di Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Limited.

High Court for UK say dem shut down di church group popularly known as SPAC Nation on 9 June, sake of say dem fail to properly account for more dan £1.87 million in expenditure and operate wit lack of transparency.

Pastor Adegboyega say no be church di UK goment get issue wit and add say even if dem close im church, im no fit fight di goment but e neva reach dat level.

“If goment tok sometin, I no go dey fight goment. I don work wit dem beta, I dey epp dem do many tins sef. Na company dem get katakata wit, no be church.

“Even dem know say wia I don reach for here, you no fit shut down my church now, how? Dem no go do am becos we neva do anytin wey wrong.,” di pastor tok.

Wetin happun to £1.87m?

Di Insolvency Service for UK say clear concerns dey around how di church group manage dia affairs.

Dem also tok say SPAC Nation fail to properly account for income wey dem receive from donations and oda expenditure.

Dem also no fit provide accounting records to prove di £1.87m wey dem say dem spend, wey be requirements by law.

But Pastor Adegboyega tell BBC say di issue wey im get wit di Insolvency Service na sake of say im neva give dem every record of dia transaction.

E say im church group dey give account of dia transaction and dem go continue to dey give account.

“If pesin read dat report well, e tok say we neva give dem everytin dem want but we don give dem most tins.

“And we no fit dey perfect. Time go dey wey be say we no get ABC,” im tok.

E say di court make decision to shut down im church group sake of say dem just wan make news.

E say dem go-go back to court to challenge di decision to shut down im church group.

Why im dey relate wit Davido and oda entertainers?

Pastor Adegboyega dey like mingle wit Nigerian entertainers including award-winning Davido.

E explain say im dey mingle wit entertainers sake of say na wetin Jesus do be dat.

According to di man of God, im job na to bring sinners close to God.

“Na sinners dem send pastors to, no be saints. No be say I dey call dis pipo sinners, some of dem beta pass pastors. Na di fact be dat,” im tok.

E say im job na to gada pipo wey get one fault and di oda and tok to dem and be friends wit dem.

“Dem tok say Jesus na friend of sinner and friend of prostitute. How Jesus go do am and I no do am? I no dey follow Jesus be dat.

About im relationship wit Davido, e tok say Davido na true Christian and na pesin wey im respect sake of say im dey lift odas.

 E say na only once Im and Davido don see and di musician dey call am im pastor.

“Davido na pesin wey I respect for im heart for pipo. How im dey take care of pipo, how im dey lift odas, how im dey tok say we rise by lifting odas,” Pastor Adegboyega tok.