PDP presidential primary election 2022: Latest updates

Elected national delegates of Nigeria main opposition party – PDP don set to choose dia presidential candidate.

Peoples Democratic Party go vote on Saturday May 28 to choose di best candidate wey go be di presidential flag bearer of di party.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 na part of preparation for di 2023 general election.

Na 13 aspirants, as at Saturday morning, dey contest to be di presidential candidate of di party.

Few days earlier, a strong aspirant and former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi resign from di party on Wednesday.

Then on di morning of di presidential primaries, anoda aspirant Mohammad Hayat-Deen withdraw from di race.

Hayat-Deen drop dis one for letter wey im address to di PDP chairman, Iyiochia Ayu on May 27, 2022.

Oga Hayat-deen tok say di exercise dey obscenely monetized”, and e go against im personal principles, among oda reasons

Di party say evritin don set and dem don ready kampe to successfully do dia special convention to elect a presidential candidate.

Di move meet di June 3 deadline wey INEC first give for all parties in di kontri to submit di names of dia candidates.

I7 aspirants bin start di journey to run for di highest office for Nigeria but a few of dem no make am pass di screening stage.

Na only 15 aspirants qualify to run for di platform of di party, but Peter Obi resign im PDP membership, leaving just 14.

According to di PDP tok-tok pesin, Debo Olugunagba say di party dey use indirect primaries to pick di party presidential flag bearer.

And dat na only elected delegates wey be one pesin per local goment plus di three ad hoc delegates from di ward congresses go vote.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 go hold for di Abuja National Stadium.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 aspirants and dia quest to woo delegates

For di last few months, Nigeria political space dey coloured wit plenti political activities.

Different aspirants on di platform of di opposition party dey criss-cross di kontri to woo delegates to vote for dem.

Dia campaign promises dey loud as dem visit di delegates dem.

And some promise dem say dem go tackle di issue of security, economy, and education and oda sector of di economy.

Di mix of di aspirants cut across di different geo-political zones of di kontri and thanks to di party throway di zoning arrangement.

Di party publicity director, Chinwe Nnorom say di party decide not zone in order to democraticise di process to reflect popular demand.

Sake of dis, some of di aspirants don form coalition to out do demselves as dem use last minute to lobby di delegates.

Last minute horse trading and politicking dey also go on for different quarters for di kapital.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 update: All you need know


PDP Presidential aspirants until Friday morning

  • Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar
  • Former Senate Presidents, Bukola Saraki
  • Former Senate President/SSG, Pius Anyim
  • Bauchi State Govnor, Bala Mohammed
  • Sokoto State govnor, Aminu Tambuwal
  • River State Governor, Nyesom Wike
  • Publisher, Dele Momodu
  • Former banker, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen
  • Pharmacist, Sam Ohabunwa
  • Akwa Ibom State Governor, Emmanuel Udom
  • Female aspirant, Olivia Tariela
  • Former governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose
  • Lawyer, Charles Okwudili
  • Mr. Chikwendu Kalu
  • Mr. Cosmos Ndukwe

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 venue

Dis year national convention to elect dia presidential candidate

But dis year, dem go doa am for Velodrome for di national stadium.

According to one PDP tofficial, e say e no be di plan of di party to choose di stadium.

But dat wen dem apply to FCT to use di Eagle Square, di authority turn dem down.

Na sake of say dem gatz secure di place for 24 hours since di president go attend di ruling APC presidential primaries on 29 May.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 delegates – How may go vote?

Na about 810 delegates go vote during dis special national convention to elect a presidential candidate.

Dis delegate go cast dia vote for dia preferred appriants.

Dem go issue di delegates ballot paper wit di names of di aspirants and den, dem go tick di one dem like

Di candidate wit di highest vote go win di primary and dem go declare am as di party presidential flag bearer.

Delegate election dey very unpredictable sake of say dis delegates fit change dia mind anytime and e no dey clear who dem go vote.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 “Statutory Delegates” go vote?

According to PDP tok tok pesin, statutory delegates like govnors dem and oda principal officers no go vote.

Even say National Assembly don okay make dis statutory delegates vote but di Nigerian president neva sign am to law.

And so di PDP no go use statutory delegates to elect dia presidential candidates.

PDP Presidential Primary 2022 update: All you need know

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Police don increase security for Abuja before PDP Primary

Tight security for PDP Presidential Primary

Di FCT Police Command don deploy large number of police officers for di venue of di PDP convention.

Di command for statement say sake of di convention, dem go deploy security also across di capital to ensure di protection of lives and property

Di police took tok pesin, Josephine Adeh for statement say dem go put counter insurgency measure, dem go do robust stop and search for strategic point around di suburbs and those on di ground, go control di crowd dem.

PDP Presidential Primary winner task ahead

According to political sabi pipo wey yarn wit BBC Pidgin, di first task for any pesin wey emerge as di party candidate na to unify di party.

Through di electioneering process, di party structure dey divided along several lines wey fit affect dia success ahead of di election.

Political analysts claim say if di candidate no pull everibodi togeda, di party no go go far.

Anoda issue wey fit affect di candidate na finance, since di PDP leave power, moni to run di party and drive campaign na big case.

Di candidate gatz get moni and unite party pipo togeda to fund dia campaign if not, moni fit serve as barrier to di candidate.

also di larger scene, Nigeria for years now don dey face plenti security and economic wahala, di candate also gatz try fix those wahala if di person want nigerians to support am.

Di need to also fix di power sector go be anoda major area to focus on if di candidate wan make di kontri beta.