Mathew Kukah Diocese: Gunmen kidnap Catholic priests

Gunmen don kidnap two Roman Catholic priests for northwest Nigeria.

Two reverend fathers, plus two oda pipo dey wey live wit dem, na im dem capture, Catholic Diocese of Sokoto tell BBC Pidgin.

Di kidnapping of di priests and dia visitors – a broda and im sister – happun for middle of night on Wednesday, di church tok.

Di kidnapping happun for St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Karfur local goment, Katsina state wey dey under di Sokoto Diocese.

Sokoto Diocese cover four different states for northwest Nigeria, including Kebbi, Zamfara, Sokoto and Katsina state wia e happun.

Gunmen invade di church house

“As at midnight of today, 25 May, 2022, gunmen break enta di house of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Gidan Maikambo, Kafur LGA of Katsina State.

“Dem kidnap di parish priest and im assistant Rev. Frs. Stephen Ojapa, MSP, & Oliver Okpara and a boy and a girl for di house.”

Na so Rev. Fr Chris Omotosho, di Sokoto Diocese Director of Communications:

So far, dem neva get any information of dia whereabout.

Na Matthew Hassan Kukah be di current Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto.

Fr Omotosho tell BBC Pidgin say di place wey di kidnapping happun na inside one small village.

Youths of di village plus some security agents don gada to look for dem. And e say dem don report di mata to police.

“Dem get some security agents and some youths for di….

“Na very rural environment or interior village, so dem come out wit dia own weapons too.”

Police begin investigation

Tok tok pesin for Katsina Police Command SP Gambo Isah confam kidnap of di two priests and two oda pipo wey happun.

Di officer add say investigations don start to get to di bottom of di situation.

Kidnapping in Nigeria

One of di most fearful threats for families inside Nigeria nowadays na di frequent kidnapping of pipo, including schoolchildren from dia classrooms and boarding houses.

More than 1,000 students don dey kidnapped from dia schools since December 2020, many only released afta aft payment of randsom wey cost upto thousands of dollars.

Some of di kidnappers dey commonly referred to as “bandits” in Nigeria.

Dis ones dey raid villages, kidnap civilians and burn down houses.

Attacks by bandits don force thousands of pipo to even flee dia homes and seek shelter in oda parts of di kontri.

From north to south to west, east to north na thousands of pipo lives don lost across Nigeria sake of kidnappings since 2012.

And attacks still dey go on. Hundreds of schools up north don dey closed following abductions at schools inside Zamfara and Niger state, wia children dem sieze as young as three years old.

By every indication, Nigeria lucrative kidnapping industry dey boom – e dey expanding into previously safe areas.

And di mata don dey look like say e dey beyond di control of di kontri military and security forces.

E don pose a real threat to trade and education, as well as di kontri farming communities.