Stellenbosch University: South African university suspend white student wey urinate on black student belongings

Stellenbosch University don suspend di white student wey camera catch dey piss on top one black student desk, laptop and books.

Inside statement di university say no student get di right to dehumanise anoda human being.

“Di university strongly condemn di destructive, hurtful and racist incident wey dem capture for cell fone video for di Huis Marais residence on di Stellenbosch University campus early momo of Sunday morning.

“Di alleged perpetrator dey suspended from di University today. Anoda sharp but detailed investigation go determine di final outcomes. Expulsion and/or criminal charges no dey excluded from di possible available options, based on di investigation findings.”

Wetin bin happun

Earlier, students of Stellenbosch for South Africa enta social media to para afta one white boy enta one black student room piss on im belongings on Sunday.

Di incident wey happun early momo for weekend make students for campus para and many describe di act as racism.

Stellenbosch University senior director of student affairs, Choice Makhetha, tell local tori pipo Radio 702, say di incident happun 4am on Sunday morning.

“On Sunday morning around 4am one student hear noise outside di corridor and im roommate bin go home for di weekend, so im tink say na di roommate dey come back. Wen im open di door, im see dis guy for di door, wey obviously dey drunk.

“Im enta im room say im dey wait for some bodi but den, di student come tell am say im must take video of am, and na so dis guy begin urinate on im laptop and notebooks.”

Inside di video wey dey circulate for social media, di white student dey piss on do black student desk, laptop and books. Wen di black student ask am wetin im dey do e ansa say, “dat na wetin we dey do to black boys here.”

Madam Makhetha say di black student still dey in shock.

Wen I speak to am, you go fit see say im still dey try understand wetin just happun. E just dey shocking wetin happun.

Meanwhile, di South Africa Students Congress (Sasco) for statement wey dem release wan make di university authorities give “sharp sharp justice for di indignity wey di im fellow student suffer wey still dey traumatised by di whole tin. Di racist no only break enta im room and racially attack am but di racist also damage im property (laptop) diafore making im studies dey disadvantaged.”

Makhetha say di student no dey campus becos di school Equality Unit go begin investigation.

“Normally wetin wey dey do be say wen investigation start di pesin no suppose dey for di same space as di affected pesin.”

But one of di university student for Twitter dey complain say di university only make am (di white student) apologise for im action for class, but dem neva “send out any formal email about di incident.”