Bauchi crisis: Police confam pipo injure, houses plus shops burnt afta youths riot over alleged blasphemy

Nigeria Police say dia officers full everywhere across Warji local goment of Bauchi state for northwest Nigeria after some youths on Friday begin protest wetin dem describe as blasphemy to Islam.

According to police statement wey dem release on Saturday na one 40 year-old woman allegedly post blasphemous message for social media wey lead to di kata kata.

One eyewitness and member of di whatsapp group wia di issue begin describe to BBC News Pidgin how di whole mata take start.

Eyewitness account of how di wahala take start

“All of us na staff for Warji local goment including di woman so around 11am yesterday she post one video of somebody from Ghana wey dey abuse and criticise Islam and I respond to her post telling her to delete wetin she post but she ignore me.”

“We be about 20 for di WhatsApp group and 15 of us na Muslims so e dey wrong of her to post any anti Islam message for di group, so after I tell her to delete it about four other pipo also tok to her but she no respond in fact even our deputy director call her for phone but she no answer.”

“Na dat one make some pipo vex and before you know it around 5pm some youth begin gather to look for her lucky enough for her DSS quickly pick her up before di youth go reach her.”

Di eyewitness wey dey Warji at di moment of dis report say no be true say dem burn church and pastor house for di kata kata.

“Di church and pastor house dey okay in fact as I dey tok to you I stand near di place security pipo full everywhere. But na true say some shops and houses burn sha.”

Things don dey normal now – police

Di commissioner of police in di state Umar Mamman according to di statement wey di tok tok pesin for di command SP Ahmed Wakili sign say things don dey calm now for di area and patrol teams still dey on ground.

According to am, scores of pipo dey wunjure and dem burn down six houses plus seven shops burn for di Friday palava.

E add say investigation don commence to fish out pipo behind wetin happun.

Police also add say make elders dey always advise youth to avoid anything wey go cause wahala for dia community.

Wetin blasphemy mean

Blasphemy na wen person insult or disrespect God, important pesin or object for particular religion or anything wen dem be consider as divine.

For Islam, di mata na wen pesin disrespect or abuse important figures for di religion or any Islamic law.

Di worst na wen pesin tok bad tin about God or prophet Muhammad dat one na death penalty.

While odas like abusing or disrespecting top disciplines or islamic laws get various punishment

According to experts, di blasphemy laws dey different and no be all dey lead to death.

Punishment for blasphemy in Islam

Divided between a Muslim north and Christian south, Nigeria get general nationwide laws against blasphemy wey Customary Courts fit interpret.

Nigeria get specific Islamic laws against blasphemy wey Sharia Courts inside di twelve northern Nigeria states fit interpret.

Di Customary law against blasphemy dey for Section 204 of di Criminal Code of Nigerian law book.

Dat section forbid any act wey publicly insult any religion and put a prison sentence of up to two years as penalty.

Yusuf Sani wey sabi Sharia law say afta Allah, next for Muslims na prophet Muhammad [SAW].

“And anybody wey disrespect am fit get death sentence.”

“Even regarding disciples of di prophet dem get levels, for example Abubakar, Umar, Othman and Aliyu wey be caliphs and top figures for di religion;

“Dem no dey abuse or disrespect dem or punishment fit follow pesin.” Sani add.

Recent cases of blasphemy in Nigeria

Recent blasphemy-related events wey don happun for Nigeria include:

  • Few weeks ago on May 13, 2022, some pipo allegedly stone and burn one student of Sheu Shagari college of Education for Sokoto, Deborah Emmanuel to death ontop accuse say she make blasphemous statement against Prophet Muhammed. Her death faced widespread condemnation and di arrest of the suspects in her death also cause walaha
  • April 2022 – Kano court sentence popular atheist to 24 years in jail for blasphemy. Di court find Mubarak Bala guilty of blasphemy against Islam. Mubarak Bala, di 37-year-old president of di Humanist Association of Nigeria, plead guilty to all 18 charges and ask for leniency. Na since 2020 dem don detain am.
  • August 2020 – Kano sharia court sentence Nigeria musician to death for blasphemy of Prophet Mohammed. Upper Sharia court for Kano northwest Nigeria don sentence singer Yahaya Aminu Shariff to death by hanging. Di sharia court find am guilty for saying wetin no good about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).