Monkeypox cases dey investigated in Europe, US, Canada

The arms and legs of a 4-year-old girl with monkeypox in Liberia

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Symptoms of monkeypox include a rash, fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion

Health authorities don begin investigate cases of suspected and confam Monkeypox abroad.

Monkeypox dey most common inside local areas for Central and West Africa, but now local media report am for America and Europe.

Most recently dem confam one case for di US and dem dey investigate 13 suspected cases for Canada.

Experts dey also look into cases for Canada, Spain, Portugal and di UK, according to local media report.

Five infections dey confamed for Portugal as well as seven for Spain, health authorities tok.

Dem dey always link di cases of di disease wey dem confam outside of di region to pipo wey travel go di area.

Monkeypox na rare viral infection wey usually dey mild and most pipo dey recover from am in few weeks, according to di UK National Health Service.

Di virus no dey spread easily between pipo and di risk to di wider public dey very low.

UK report first case from travel link to Nigeria

Dem report di first case of di disease for di UK on 7 May.

Di patient bin recently travel to Nigeria, wia dem believe say e catch di virus before e travel go England.

Na wetin di UK Health Security Agency tok.

So far dem don now confam nine cases for di UK.

Dem neva confam di source but di di World Health Organization (WHO) say di cases dey “locally acquired”

Dem don also report confam cases for Portugal and Spain afta dem alert European health agencies to di reports for di UK.

And most recently, health authorities for di US state of Massachusetts confam one man don dey infected wit Monkeypox.

Im bin recently travel to Canada, wia local media report say dem dey investigate 13 suspected cases of di virus.

According to health officials, dem bin don hospitalise di man and e dey in “good condition” and “e no pose any risk to di public”.

Africa don contain monkey pox outbreaks during COVID pandemic – Africa CDC

Africa top public health agency tok am on Thursday say plenty plenty outbreaks of monkey pox for Africa don dey contained.

E happun during di COVID pandemic even as di world attention dey oda places.

He say di current outbreaks for Europe and di United States dey worry.

Di acting director of di Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention say since 2020 outbreaks dem don see and contain di virus.

Na for Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon and Central African Republic dem contain am.

“During dis pandemic, we don get many several outbreaks of monkey pox on di continent….

“We also expect say oda outbreaks go come and we go handle am in di usual way.”

Ahmed Ogwell Ouma tok am for one weekly news briefing.

Ouma add say: “We however dey concerned at di multiple countries outside, especially for Europe, wia we dey see dis outbreaks of monkey pox.

“E go be very useful if dem share knowledge regarding wetin really be di source of dis outbreaks,” e tok.


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What be Monkeypox?

Monkeypox na rare but potentially serious viral illness wey dey start wit flu-like illness and swelling of di lymph nodes.

Di sickness go later progress to a widespread rash on di face and body.

Most infections dey last 2-4 weeks.

Monkeypox na di same family of viruses as smallpox but dey cause a milder infection.

CDC show say di patient dey infected wit a strain of monkeypox most commonly seen for parts of West Africa, including Nigeria.

Infections wit dis strain of monkeypox fit kill about 1 out of 100 pipo.

However, rates fit dey higher in pipo wey get weak immune systems.

Before dis current case, US bin get at least six reported monkeypox cases in travelers wey dey return from Nigeria (including cases for di United Kingdom, Israel, and Singapore).

Dis new case no dey related to any of dis previous cases.

For di United Kingdom, several additional monkeypox cases dey happun in pipo wey get contact wit cases.