‘How I stand watch three of my friends die for my presence’

Wia dem bury three friends wey die for river Bichi town for Kano

Three friends die for river Bichi town for Kano

Wednesday, 18th May 2022 na unforgettable day for pipo of Bichi town for Kano state (northwest Nigeria) particularly Idris Umar wey stand watch three of im friends drown inside Karaye dam as dem go bath in di morning.

25 year old Musa Abubakar, 23 year old Isyaku Bashir and 19 year old Nazifi Ibrahim all lose dia lives as dem enter dam to bath around 11:00am.

Idris tell BBC News Pidgin say im and oda friends travel from Bichi to Karaye town on Tuesday for ‘Majlisi’ wey be Hausa term for group of pipo wey dey come together to praise prophet Muhammad with hope of getting reward in the hereafter.

“Na some pipo for Karaye town invite us for di event and normally we suppose return to Bichi same day but dem beg say make we add some hours and as night reach we decide to spend di night for Karaye.”

“In di morning, di pipo dey delay to bring bath water for us so one of us come advise say make we go river go bath and na so all of us begin waka go.”

“Some of us no dey comfortable with di dam idea and tok say make we no go because something bad fit happun but Musa (among pipo wey die) jokingly tok say to nothing dey dia.”

One of di three friends wey die for river for Bichi Kano state


Idris go on to explain wetin happun after dem reach di dam and how di three friends all die within minutes.

“Di dam get two parts e get di bigger side so we avoid dat part we come go di side wey di water small in fact we even meet some small children dey bath inside.”

“Na Isyaku first remove cloth jump inside di water before Nazifi join am but 4 of us wey stand outside notice say after dem enter dem no show face na why Musa decide to enter to helep dem.”

“As Musa enter we notice say something bad dey happun because dem no come up na so we begin shout dey call pipo to help.”

“Unfortunately help no come in time because after 10 minutes wey about 20 pipo enter to help na dia lifeless bodies dem comot from di dam.”

Idris say im and di remaining friends no sabi swim na why dem decide not to enter to save dia friends.

Father of Musa wey die say e no ever forget im final moments with im pikin before dem embark on di trip to Karaye town.

One of di three friends wey die for river for Bichi Kano state


“I lie down inside room when Musa enter to greet me with im bag saying Baba we dey travel to Karaye town to go praise our prophet and i pray for am ask God to guide am.”

Di father say no be only im family go miss Musa as many pipo across Bichi dey benefit from am as e get two POS shops wey dey helep withdraw money.

Tok tok pesin for Kano state fire service Saminu Yusuf confam di tori to BBC News Pidgin saying call for help no reach dia side on time and by di time dem reach di place local divers don remove di corpses from di dam.

“Our office for Karaye no get di call for help on time and by di time dem rush go dia dem don comot di corpses and police don already dey handle di case.”

E advise pipo especially strangers to avoid to enter water dem no dey familiar with.

One of di three friends wey die for river for Bichi Kano state


Di oda recent tragedy wey happun for Bichi town

Two months ago landslide kill four friends for Yanlami village wey dey under same Bichi local goment as dem put hands together to build house for dia friend wey wan marry.

Na just over a month bin remain for 25 year old Musa Jubril to marry Rabi Tofawa and as tradition for many villages across northern Nigeria im friends come together to helep am build mud house wey im and di wife go stay after di marriage.

Hashim Yunusa na friend to Jubril and one of di two eyewitnesses wey see how di whole tin happun and e tok about di tragedy.

“So di plan be say di five of dem go dey inside di hole dey bring out di sand while me and Sani go dey outside dey pack di sand pour inside cart den transport to di site of di building.”

“We don already go drop di first round infact before we go first time we dey even play and tease each oda and as we dey come back for trip two na im we just sight heavy dust na so we rush to di place only to see only one hand all of dia bodies dey covered.”

“Na so we rush enter village go call pipo and before you know pipo don full di place even from neighbouring villages pipo come to helep but unfortunately by di time dem remove dem all of dem don die.”

One of di three friends wey die for river for Bichi Kano state


Oda cases of drowning wey catch pipo attention for Nigeria

For 2017, Government of Nigeria send message of sorry to di family of students wey die as dem dey do school trip for Kaduna, northwest side of di country.

Di students bin dey attend one private secondary school and dem bin dey visit one waterworks facility when accident happen and lead to plenty deaths.

Na for inside statement na im President Muhammadu Buhari say im dey “very sad about tori say some students of Victory College, Ungwan Yelwa, drown inside di Kaduna River for di state capital.

Last year plenty pipo die afta dia boat capsize and pipo drown for Bagwai river, Kano state North western Nigeria.

Authorities say dem rescue seven pipo plus di 29 bodies wey dem recover.

Eyewitnesses say di boat sink sake of overloading.

Tori be say di boat bin dey carry more than 50 pipo from di village of Badau to di town of Bagwai, wia dem wan attend one Islamic religious ceremony.

Same last year for May, Plenti pipo die afta di boat wey dem dey travel with sink inside river for Kebbi state, north west Nigeria.

Di passengers wey many na women and children, with a few men bin dey travel from neighbouring Niger State when di boat capsize and pipo drown.

At di time President Muhammadu Buhari describe di accident as “devastating”, as im offer e condolence to di families of di victims.