Wife of Sound engineer wey mob kill for Lagos want justice as she say life no dey straight since her husband death

Sound Engineer and wife


Di wife of di sound engineer wey mob burn to death sake of transport fare for Admiralty way for Lekki phase one area of Lagos, south west Nigeria say life no dey straight for her.

Sunday David, Grace Bolu husband, die afta group of motorcycle riders bin allegedly attack am sake of argument ova N100 (one hundred naira).

Dem beat David wey be sound engineer come burn am to death.

Grace wey get two pikin wit her late husband David of nine years want justice for im death.

Police don arrest four suspects wey dey dia custody ontop dis matter.

Na so di state Tok-tok pesin for di Lagos state police command Benjamin Hundeyin tok.

Wetin dem tell me say happun to my husband

Wife of Sound engineer wey mob kill for Lagos want justice
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Grace tell BBC Pidgin say police tell her brother, uncle and pastor how her husband take die.

”Dem say my husband wit two of im colleagues wey dem dey work togeda bin carry bike.

”Dem suppose give di bike man 400 naira ontop one hundred naira change na im fight start.

”Dem beat di oda two my husband na di no only one dem burn.

”But not until on Sunday 15th of May 2022 pesin wey dem dey work togeda come post for Twitter.

”She share wetin happun. According to her my husband bin dey inside bar dey setup.

”Di oda two guy wey dem dey work togeda wit am na dem carry di okada come.

”Dem tell di okada man how much dem go pay wey be 400 naira.

”As dem come down dem give okada man 500 naira make e give dem 100 naira change.

”Okada man tok say I know get change 100 as dem no fit leave di 500 naira for di guy, dem tok say oya take 300 naira wey dey always com dis place come play.

”Anytime wey we come, we go give you di 100 naira. Di guy no green na so dem start di gbege for dia.

”Those wey be dia worker wey dey work togeda as dem see say fight don start for outside dem come inside bar come call oda pipo wey dem dey work togeda and my husband na one of dem.

Make dem come outside come try settle fight as im follow dem come outside.

”My husband no take bike na fight e go separate and no be only him wey go separate fight.

As for di two oda guys wey chop beating Grace say dem dey coma for hospital.

How I receive di news of my husband death?

sound engineer dey carry im wife


Grace tell BBC Pidgin say she bin dey about to leave her papa church for Ajao estate wen she receive call from her husband colleague.

Na di colleague tell her say her husband don die.

As I hear di news, “Na so I just drop my pikin for di Uber man body wen bin wan carry us go house I no even know wetin dey do me.

”I just run inside church back go give my papa di phone say I no know wetin I dey hear inside phone”

”One pesin call me dey tell me dis kain tin”

”I no understand so my papa come tok to di man, di man tok say e no fit dey do explanation ontop phone make we come maroko police station for Lekki.”

“Life no dey straight for me”

Sunday David


Grace cry as she reason how to raise her two small pikin dem without her husband.

Her first born na five years, while di second one na one year and five months

“Life no dey straight for me because na my husband dey do eviritin na why I dey cry for justice for am.” She tok

“I wan help me for my children future I no know how I wan take do am now wey my husband don go.”

“I no know how I wan send dem go school I just be civil servant, how much salary I want collect wey I go take pay house rent.”

“How much salary wey I wan collect wey I wan take pay dia school fees. She tok.

Police don transfer di case from Maroko to Panti police station.

Lagos state goment don assure say justice go dey served ontop di mata.

On Monday, goment begin arrest pipo wey dem say dey ride okada illegally for Lekki side. Dem arrest over hundred riders wit dia motorcycles.

Latest case of mob action for Nigeria

Di incident wey involve David death for Lekki area of Lagos happun on di same day tori of di murder of Deborah Samuel enta news.

Na mob for Sokoto North west Nigeria kill Deborah Samuel sake of allegation of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad.

Di incident spark global anger wey don lead to di declaration of curfew for Sokoto town.

Nigeria police say dem don arrest two suspects. Di arrest make pipo vex start violent protest on Saturday.

Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari and oda ogbonge leaders including religious bodies don condemn di incident.