Ibadan Polytechnic student die after alleged marathon sex? – Wetin we know

Police for Oyo state southwest Nigeria don confirm incident wey happun for di state wia one boy die after im allegedly do marathon sex with im girlfriend.Neighbours rush di girl friend to hospital wia she dey collect treatment for injuries wey she collect.Police tok tok pesin for di state Adewale Osifeso tell BBC pidgin say dem dey investigate di matter and go release more info later.

Tori begin fly upandan on Tuesday say di victim wey be student of di Polytechnic Ibadan die after im and di girl friend allegedly use sex enhancement drugs.Di tori tok say wen di neighbours break open di boy house, dem see say e don already die but di girlfriend still dey alive but unconscious.

Wetin di Polytechnic of Ibadan tok

Tok tok pesin of di Polytechnic of Ibadan Mr Soladoye tell BBC Pidgin say di boy name na Daniel and e dey for di department of engineering for di school, but e neva confirm weda di girl na student of di school or not.”Di incident happun off campus and na private life of di pipo involved. We dey sympathize wit di family of di dead” na so di PRO tok.E say dem never confirm wetin exactly kill di boy as nobody dey inside di room to ascertain wetin happun.Mr Soladoye say “I no be medical personnel wey go fit confirm wetin kill am. Na only medical doctor opinion go fit tok dat one”.”Pipo dey tok say na sex kill am, dis and dat but how dem take know? Dem dey inside di room? We no dey teach sex for di school, so we no know wetin kill am yet” na so di PRO tok.