Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: Who be Somalia new president?

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud term go last four years

Somalia don get new President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, wey don promise say e go try to move di kontri forward by healing all di vexation and anger wey pipo get for bodi for di society.

But some pipo no know say actually, dis no be first time e go be di kontri president. From 2012 to 2017 im bin serve as di eight president. Den for 2017 e lose to outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo”.

Many experts bin call dis latest election di kontri most competitive election for im history, wey enta e third round of voting.

Oga Mohamud beat di former sitting President Mohamed Abdullahi 214 to 110 votes on Sunday evening.

“E make brain wella say di president dey here dey stand by my side,” na so Mohamud tok, wen e dey refer to di former leader, wey sit wit am as dem dey count di ballots.

“We have to move ahead, we no need grudges. No avenging,” e tok.

Dis one follow as e spend most of di last two years for Mogadishu di capital as e dey campaign say make dem hold di elections on time.

Supporters of Somalia new leader no send say curfew dey to enta di streets of Mogadishu, as dem dey support and fire guns wen e clear say Mohamud win.

Who be Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

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66-year-old Somalia new President Mohamud na di first man to win re-election as president afta dem bin vote am out of office for 2017.

Im be di leader of di Union for Peace and Development party wey command majority of seats for both legislative chambers.

Dem born am for Jalalaqsi, one small agricultural town for central Hiran, Somalia, during di trusteeship period wey he grow up for middle-class neighbourhood.

Im bin graduate from di Somali National University wit technical engineering degree for 1981.

Im contemporaries tok say e dey quiet and unassuming and become teacher before doing post-graduate degree for Bhopal University, India.

He come join di Ministry of Education to oversee one teacher-training scheme wey di UN bin fund.

Mohamud na former University Professor and dean, e be civil and political activist too.

Part of di challenges wey President Mohamud go face na threat of famine wey fit threaten lives of millions of pipo for Somalia

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Part of di challenges wey President Mohamud go face na threat of famine wey fit threaten lives of millions of pipo for Somalia

For April 2013 dem name am for di Time 100, TIME magazine annual list of di 100 most influential pipo for di world as of im efforts to advance national reconciliation, anti-corruption measures, and socio-economic and security sector reforms for Somalia.

Im bin dey dey among di coalition of opposition candidates wey no gree for former President Farmajo to extend im term for office by two years.

For February 2021, e smell pepper afta security forces raid im hotel for Mogadishu to stop protests wey di opposition candidates bin dey planning for di capital.

Mohamud na one of di very few leaders wey stay for Somalia throughout di 30-year civil war.

Bad security situation for Somalia

terrorist attack

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As e comeback as presido, plenti work dey ground for am to do.

Mohamud bin promise for im campaign say im goment go dey inclusive, as dem gree say mistakes full ground from di previous goment, wey face multiple corruption allegations.

Di new president go carry plenti challenges for im head from im predecessor, wey be tins like increase in attacks from di al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group and one very serious drought wey dey threaten to drive millions of pipo into famine.

Di United Nations don warn say serious humanitarian issue fit happen unless dem take early action. Emergency workers dey fear say di mata fit be like di very bad famine of 2011 wey kill 260,000 pipo – half of dem children wey dey below age six.

Two suicide bombings for March kill 48 pipo for central Somalia, while one attack for one AU base early dis month kill 10 Burundian peacekeepers. Di attack na di deadliest raid on AU forces for di kontri since 2015.

How pipo react

Tori be say plenti celebrate for Mogadishu as residents happy about di election of di new Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Kenya join to congratulate Somalia new President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as im take over as leader.

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya

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President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta wish im new counterpart “good health and success, and assure am say Kenya go continue to join hand wit Somalia to work together.

Somalis wey dey live abroad also happy about di news and dem celebrate too.

Neighbouring countries like Ethiopia don congratulate the new president.