Girl killed in Sokoto: 34 lawyers appear to defend suspects of alleged killers of Deborah Emmanuel

21 year old Deborah Emmanuel, court order remand of di suspects for prison

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Police don carry di two suspects wey dem arrest in connection to di mob killing of Deborah Emmanuel go court for Sokoto state, North west Nigeria.

Dis na as 34 lawyers come court to defend di suspects and dem arraign dem for one chief magistrate court.

Dem plead not guilty to di charge.

Di suspects na also students of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto – di same school wey Deborah attend.

Wetin happun for court

Although di suspects don take plea, di police lawyer Khalil Musa tell court say dem neva finish investigation of di mata.

E say dem fit bring more charges wen investigation finish.

Mansur Ibrahim, wey lead di lawyers wey wan defend di suspects come court apply for dia bail. E tell court to release di suspects on liberal terms.

Afta presentation, di court adjourn di mata to anoda date for ruling on di bail application wey dem go communicate to di lawyers.

Di chief magistrate later order say make dem remand di suspects for prison.

How Deborah take die

Deborah Emmanuel


Before dem lynch Deborah Emmanuel, one group of pipo bin accuse her of blasphemy afta one voice note she drop for her class WhatsApp group.

Tori be say dem tell her to delete di voice note but she no gree.

Dem later block her for road but di school security stop dem and keep her for di security post. But later di crowd pull am out of di security post den begin beat her.

She come die for di mata and one video come spread for social media wey show how dem put fire for her body.

Di incident cause anger across di world.

Police later arrest two suspect. Di arrest of di suspects lead to violent protest wey make di state govnor, Aminu Tambuwal den declare round clock curfew for Sokoto city.

Wetin come happen afta di killing of Deborah?

Sokoto goment relax dia 24-hour curfew wey dem put for di state capital sake of violent protests wey happun on Saturday. But night curfew still dey.

Hundreds of Muslims protesters bin enta street to ask for di release of suspects wey dem arrest say dem get hand for di killing of Deborah wey dem accuse say she blaspheme against Islam.

Di protests become violent as pipo start to dey burn tyre for street, loot shops and block major roads before police use tear gas take chase dem.

  • Relaxation of curfew

For statement, Sokoto state official Isah Bajini Galadanci say dem relax di 24 hour curfew afta dem review di security situation again.

Na im dem say di curfew go now be from dusk to dawn, so pipo go fit “chase dia legal business and oda ways dem dey take make money”.

Di state goment don draw ear give pipo say make dem remain peaceful, sake of say, e “no go siddon look for any breach of law and order”.

  • Goment suspend close schools

Di Sokoto State goment on Sunday announce di suspension of di resumption of basic and secondary schools for di state by one week.

Ibrahim Iya, toktok pesin for Sokoto Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education make di announcement for statement.

E say di suspension no go affect students wey dey write WAEC.

Key facts to know about Deborah Emmanuel death

How dem carry Deborah Emmanuel come house


Di death of Deborah Samuel spark global reaction. Many ogbonge pipo including Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari, clerics, sabi pipo don react to di incident.

Key tins wey don shele:

  • Di incident happun on Thursday 12 May.
  • One video bin circulate for social media wey show how e happun.
  • Deborah before eher death be student of Shehu Shagari College of Education – di state goment don order closure of di school.
  • Di govnor don call emergency meeting wit security oga dem for di state, leader of di Christian Association, and Islamic leaders for di state.
  • Police announce di arrest of two suspects wey allegedly get hand for di killing.
  • Di arrest lead to violent protest on Saturday – protesters bin wan make police release di suspects.
  • Anoda North western state, Kaduna also announce ban on religious protest to avoid spill over of crisis.
  • On Sunday, 15 May dem bury Deborah for her village for Rijau Niger state.
  • On Monday, 16 May goment announce say dem don relax di 24-hour curfew for Sokoto. But night curfew still dey.