Girl killed in Sokoto: Deborah suppose graduate dis year and I bin dey look forward to dat day – Father

Father of Deborah Emmanuel di student wey some pipo allegedly kill ontop accuse of blasphemy for Sokoto state Emmanuel Garba tell BBC News Pidgin for interview say e sell half of im house to send im pikin go school and bin dey look forward to her graduation later dis year.

“I get seven children and na 21 year old Deborah bi number two but among all my children na her education worry me pass because I even sell half of my house for her education.”

“She suppose graduate dis year and I don dey really look forward to dat day.”

“Na my brother wey dey Sokoto call me for phone to tell me wetin happun to Deborah and immediately I start journey to Sokoto to see for myself.”

Mr Emmanuel say e don leave everything wey happun for God to judge and no dey look forward to any court case with di accusers.

“I hear say police don arrest some suspects but I don leave everything for God to judge I no dey look forward to any court case and I no go attend.”

How dem carry Deborah Emmanuel come house


Di farmer say e spend plenty money to bring back Deborah remains from Sokoto and apart from money di procedures e also suffer plenty.

“For motor alone wey bring her corpse back to Niger state i spend N100,000 not forgetting oda wahala I do like going to DSS office and places as part of procedures to get her remains.”

Di 55 year old say e go always remember im daughter for her obedience and love for pipo among oda tins.

“Sometime back she carry me go show one land say dis na wia she go build house for me when she begin work. So i go always remember her by di love wey she dey show and obedience.”

According to Mr Emmanuel im wife and Deborah mother still never recover from wetin happun as she still dey receive treatment.

“Since di incident happun na im she dey cry in fact na hospital we carry her go because di ting really affect her even as i dey speak to you now doctor come to check her body.”

Family bury Deborah on Sunday

Papa with the flier for her burial


Family of Deborah Emmanuel and members of Tungan Magajiya village for Rijau local goment of Niger State all dey in tears as dem bury Deborah on Sunday for di Christian cemetery for di village.

Patrick Emmanuel wey be Deborah brother say dem bury her for evening afta youth and elders for di para say make dem no bury am sake of di way wey she die.

E explain give say di elders bin dey para say since she die for school, she be goment property and dat di authority gatz explain to dem how dia pikin take die for inside school.

Patrick say her mama and papa begin beg di Community but dem insist say make dem take her to mortuary but ”afta my moda begin cry dem come pity her”.

Anoda pesin from di community wey corroborate di tori say di community leaders bin dey confuse wen dem hear di news of Deborah death and while dem bin dey plan dia next line of action, dem hear say dem call di parents make dem come pick di ashes of Deborah to bury but our leaders say dem no go gree.

But wen dem later bring di bodi come village, wen di young pipo see di vehicle, dem begin para and begin shout say dem no go gree.

Patrick say im no fit look into di coffin to see her younger sister.

E say Deborah na very good person and becos she be di only girl and di third child, she dey try help everybodi including members of di community and na im make pipo for di community dey mourn her as her death really dey pain dem.

How Deborah take die

Deborah Emmanuel


One tori pesin wey base for Sokoto bin tell BBC Pidgin wetin happun.

“Dis morning [on Thursday] around 9:00am problem start afta one female student of di school allegedly insult di name of dia holy prophet,” di journalist tok.

“So some student for di campus drag her out from her hostel and start stoning her and some dey beat hear wit stick. Dem kill her and set her bodi on fire.

Viral videos on social media dey show footage wey be like di same account of dis Sokoto tori pesin.

However, BBC Pidgin no fit independently verify di content of both di viral videos and voice notes.

Di tori pesin add say; “From wetin I see, di student use dia WhatsApp group to make di comment”

“Dem set up di WhatsApp group for discussing academic activities and oda tins, so one student post something on religion on dat group”

“So di female student comment ontop di mata and in di process of commenting and condemning di action of dat student, she den use di ‘blasphemous’ words.

Wetin be blasphemy and wetin di law tok about am?

Blasphemy na di action, offence of speaking out of place – sacrilegiously, insulting God or sacred tins.

To say sometin bad about God or use im name in vain.

Imam Yusuf say no section of di Quran support say make anyone kill im broda or sister.

E further explain say those wey “kill Deborah be criminals and dia action no represent any religion.”

On wetin Islam define as blasphemy, e say “di word blasphemy no get root for Islam and Quran and so di Quran no get any punishment for anytin like blasphemy.”

Meanwhile di Digital Imam Sheik Nuer Khalid dey of di view say even though di punishment for those wey blaspheme against di prophet and di Quran na death, di responsibility to kill no dey for di hands of any pesin.

“Di pipo no get di right to kill Deborah and dem for either report am to di competent court of law to trial her for blasphemy.”

Oga Khalid further explain give say blasphemy for Islam “na wen pesin insult di holy prophet or oda holy places or di Quran.”

Meanwhile di customary law against blasphemy dey for Section 204 of di Criminal Code of Nigerian law book.

Dat section forbid any act wey publicly insult any religion and put a prison sentence of up to two years as penalty.