Girl killed in Sokoto: Deborah Samuel death sake of allegation of blasphemy and fake news wey don spread afta am

Some fake news don begin spread since di brutal murder of one female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Deborah Samuel wey dem accuse of blasphemy for Sokoto state, north west Nigeria.

Di kasala wey fake news dey create no dey end easily and dis na why BBC disinformation unit quickly enta di mata to cancel five fake news post wey dey spread for di kontri sake of di tori.

How disinformation – Fake news follow Deborah Samuel killing

After di killing of second-year student of di Shehu Shagari College of Education, Deborah Samuel, on Thursday May 12 for alleged blasphemy, fake news and disinformation don follow di news of her death on social media.

Two days afta di killing, one peaceful protest turn violent for Sokoto as protesters demand for di release of some suspects wey police arrest say dem get hand for di killing of Deborah.

Pipo begin share fake fotos, videos and posts on social media to cause violence and further damage and division in di kontri.

Many of di fake stories dey followed by comments on why Nigeria need to dey divided between North and South.

Videos wey claim say dem kill Christians for Sokoto

One Facebook user Emeka Fans Page bin post one video afta di violent protest for Sokoto.

Inside di video, e make many claims and one of dem be say “Sokoto pipo don butcher all di whole Christians for di state”.

Na 670,000 times dem don view di video and dem share am over 5,000 times. E also beg im followers to continue to dey share di video.

One police statement tok say dem shoot two protesters wen dem try occupy di palace of di Sultan, di spiritual leader of di Muslims for Nigeria.

Real videos dey wey show protesters as dem dey burn tyres on di streets and flaunt dia machetes, knives and sticks as dem run across di streets dey chant Islamic prayers.

Anoda video show as pipo dey loot and burn shops for one area wey dem call Old Depots.

But evidence of killing or butchering wey Emeka Fans Page claim no dey.

Di state goment don impose 24-hour curfew to regain peace for di state.

Video of woman wey dem beat wit stick

Many users share anoda video wey show one woman wearing white dress wey don tear as men wit sticks and sometin wey look like thick rope dey beat am.

Oda women wey wear hijab dey inside di video as dem stand dey watch di men beat di woman. She try to escape inside one house but a group of men push am back.

She tok for Hausa, “I no go do am again, forgive me.”

Information by di BBC Disinformation unit show say di video don dey in circulation on social media for at least two years.

At first glance, di circumstances wey surround di video no dey clear but further investigation show say na for Kaduna dem shoot di video.

Dem be arrest di woman for stealing and selling babies.

However, social media users dey currently recirculate di video and claim say na from di recent violence for Sokoto.

One user tok say “dem dey kill Christians right now, if you get your relations for Sokoto…”

Foto of journalist wey dem claim say na killer doctor

One screenshot of a Facebook post by one Christopher Uche-Ayodeji (Dr Chris) wia im ‘confess’ say e allow many Muslims die wen im dey work as doctor for northern Nigeria don go viral.

Di screenshot show say di doctor Chris na physician for di University Hospital Birmingham.

E claim say e enjoy “every bit of am” as im dey on a revenge mission. Im post claim say e dey avenge di killing of im neighbour for northern Nigeria since 2015.

Gimba Kakanda wey be popular social critic send message to University Hospitals Birmingham to report Dr Chris.

Di hospital reply say dem no sabi Dr Chris. But di individual continue to dey share di screenshots on social media and also attach one photo of one man wey no dey related and claim say na Dr Christopher Uche-Ayodeji.

E later turn out say di picture belong to Nigerian writer and journalist Ayodeji Rotinwa wey tweet and beg pipo to stop to dey use im picture.

On Facebook, di page wey belong to Christopher Uche-Ayodeji (Dr Chris) no exist and di message wey dey circulation no also exist.

Allegations say dem burn di house of Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah

Another disinformation wey dem share on social media be say dem burn di house of di Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Reverend Mathew Hassan Kuka for Sokoto during di riots.

One statement wey di Catholic Diocese of Sokoto release tok say di claim na lie.

Di statement say “we wish to tok say attack no dey on di residence of Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah.”

Di statement also tok say na lie say dem burn down churches for Sokoto. E tok say protesters destroy di windows of Holy Family Catholic Cathedral on Bello Way and dem also attack and partly burn St Kevin’s Catholic Church.