Russia Ukraine war latest: Ukrainian forces win battle for di city of Kharkiv –

Ukrainian servicemen ride ontop motorcycle on di road wey connect Kharkiv and one village wey Ukrainian Army recently retake


Reports say Ukraine don force Russia forces to withdraw from Kharkiv – by “winning di battle” for di city, as one respected US think tank describe am.

Di latest agency reports give kudos to di claim, wit tok- tok pesin for Ukraine General Staff wey tori pipo AFP quote as saying di “enemy main efforts dey focused on making sure im units withdraw from di city of Kharkiv”.

Meanwhile, tori pipo Reuters say di north-eastern city don dey quiet for about two weeks.

Tori be say, Moscow still dey bombard nearby areas, however – including Dergachi, some 10km north of Kharkiv – and late on Friday, reports for Russia media say Russia forces don hit one arms depot for di region.

Capturing Kharkiv bin be one of Russia key objective, and dem shell di city heavily during di invasion, leading to hundreds of civilians being killed.

For im latest video address, President Volodymyr Zelensky say Ukraine forces dey do everything possible to liberate di kontri.

Statistic for Kharkiv


Di govnor of di Kharkiv region for di east of Ukraine say armed forces dey push back di Russians and pipo don begin dey return to dia homes.

But Oleh Synyehubov also warn say di situation still dey dangerous and say make pipo consider dia safety before returning.

E add say Russian troops don heavily mine region.

Synyehubov also say di Russian troops no attack di city but target oda communities for di region.

“Dis wan show say e dey too early to relax,” e say. “I urge everyone to respond adequately to alarms and not to be on di streets unnecessarily.”

Meanwhile di head of Ukraine military intelligence don say di war with Russia go reach a turning-point for mid-August and e dey likely to be over by di end of di year.