Cyril Ramaphosa: South Africa President abandon May Day rally afta booing

President Cyril Ramaphosa

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President Ramaphosa -wey for dis picture dey election victory rally in 2019 – bin try calm down di miners wey vex but dem no wan hear

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa bin comot one May Day rally afta workers climb di stage wey im bin dey tok.

Dem bin dey chant “Cyril must go”, dem bin hold sign to ask for increase for dia wages for di ceremony wey bin dey hold for one stadium near di north west city of Rustenberg.

Di protesters wey dey work for one local mine don dey protest for weeks.

President Ramaphosa bin even try to tok about wetin dey worry di miners but dem bin boo am.

Di workers want dem to increase dia yearly salary by 1,000 rand ($63, £50), wey dem want di president to address directly.

According to di IOL tori pipo, e tok say e de follow di relevant authorities to meet dia demands.

But dem still no let am tok, for two minute video wey show di gbege, e show as di president bin dey try calm di workers down but dem continue to boo.

For di Sunday event wey di South Africa trade union federation Cosatu organise, police bin need step in as bodyguard carry di presido comot di venue.

Di workers come from Sibanye-Stillwater wey be mining company, dem claim say dem be di world biggest primary producer of platinum.

South Africa economy suffer from Covid wey leave unemployment around 35%.

Mining na one of di kontri most important sectors as e dey bring in 8-10% of di national income and dey employ almost 450,000 pipo. But di industry don dey reduce recently.

Wetin dis kasala fit don show about re-election

Analysis by Lebo Diseko, BBC News, Johannesburg

May Day na ogbonge event for di ruling African National Congress (ANC) calendar with dia trade union allies as e dey draw plenti crowd.

But dis year e be like sat only a few hundred workers bin come see di president, wey show say perhaps dem bin no wan see am.

Di question now be why di security tests for di area no catch say dis go fit happun.

But di even more important question fit be why ANC and Cosatu leaders bin shock with dis kain anger for ground. E fit be say, dis connect dey between di experience of ordinary pipo and those wey dey in power.

E dey important to note say some of di pipo wey boo Ramaphosa for di rally be members of di union wey im bin join to form.

Oga Ramaphosa bin work for do National Union of Mineworkers as dia first general secretary.

All this gbege dey happun for year wey ANC dey run di election to pick who go lead dia party for di kontri next general elections.

Dis kain welcome from one of dia key constituents, workers fit be vision wey go show di gbege wey Ramaphosa fit face as im dey find re-election.