Yul Edochie new wife Judy Austin: ‘Yul make mistake, we feel for Mary’ – How Edochie family react to ‘second wife’ mata

Di family of Yul Edochie don chook mouth for di reaction wey follow di announcement of di Nollywood actor say e don marry anoda wife.

Uche Edochie di senior broda of di actor say wetin happun neva reach to condemn im broda.

For social media post on top im social media handle di senior Edochie say true true im broda no be Muslim, di law for Nigeria allow am to get two wives.

E say: “Traditional rulers and traditionalists of sorts do di same tin too and di Nigerian constitution recognize polygamy as a legal marital union.”

Uche also say im family no dey happy wit Yul sake of di “mistake” wey e make and dem no dey “in support” of wetin di actor do.

‘We feel for Mary’

Mary na Yul Edochie wife and dem get four children togeda – afta 17 years of marriage.

Uche Edochie say di essence of di response na sake of how Nigerians dey vex for wetin Yul.

“Wen Muslim marry two or more wives and im pipo throw party. Dat one dey totally normal. Wen Christian do di same tin and e go become di worst human being alive.”


E say Mary na better woman wey no derserve wetin happun to her.

“So my younger brother Yul Edochie just marry a second wife just like dat and Nigerians dey surprised. I understand. Di mata shock all of us.

“Im first wife Mary, a wonderful woman and my sister in law no go into relationship wit my broda agreeing to be part of a polygamous marriage.

“I feel for Mary. E no dey fair on her. My family no dey in support of wetin happun. We no dey do dis kain tin and we dey try our best to console Mary.

“Wetin again we fit do? We tell Yul make e no do am.

“Yul na adult wey feel say to marry second woman na di best way to accept im mistake and make tins right

‘Oda celebrities go do worst’

“Women throw themselves at famous people so bad that it is suffocating,” e tok.

Uche Edochie say most pipo no do worst if dem dey in di same position wit Yul.

E say though im broda don make mistake e no make sense to judge am – “If average pesin get di kain fame wey Yul get dem go get they will get five or more women pregnant.

“So don’t be quick to judge if you neva live dat life. Most people will do worse.”

Ogbonge Nollywood actor Yul Edochie on Wednesday reveal say im welcome baby boy wit im second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu.

Di actor make di revelation on im Instagram page and share fotos of im son and im second wife as im disclose say e love di boy di way im love im oda children.

For di post Yul tok say di boy name na Star Dike Munachimso Yul-Edochie.

Actress Judy Austin Moghalu

Judy Austin Muoghalu na di reported tear rubber wife of di Nollywood actor.

Judy wey be Nollywood actress and movie Producer and Brand Influencer come from Anambra State, south-east Nigeria.

According to her Instagram handle she be di CEO of Judyaustin Boutique

She and di Nigerian actor don act plenti feems togeda like Native Girl, Fear The Street Girl I love, Where I belong, Trouble Comes to Town, and Secret of The Riches.

Nigerians go tanda for her instagram handle wit many reactions afta Yul Edochie brak di tori.

While some followers dey congratulate her, odas no happy wit di tori.

May Yul Edochie biography

According to di Nigeria famous actor and movie Producer, Yul Edochie, e marry im first wife May Yul-Edochie for 2004.

For one of im Instagram post last year di ogbonge Nigeria actor bin dey celebrate im wife.

For di post Yul tok as she take marry am wen im bin no get anything and how she dey give am happiness for im life.Di couple mark dia 17 years wedding anniversary last year.

According to her Instagram page of over 130k followers, May na entrepreneur.

As di tori comot on Wednesday, pipo for social media bin dey try find answer to why im “marry second wife”, abi na becos of pikin or male child?

But di fact be say,only Yul Edochie fit tok di reason why e marry Judy. May Yul-Edochie born four pikin dem wit her husband.

The children na three boys and one girl.

The only girl among dey bin get excellent result for her exams and Yul come social media come celebrate her.

She dey higher institution now. Yul dey always post pictures of im family for social media.

Who be Yul Edochie?

Yul Edochie na di son of ogbonge actor Pete Edochie. Yul wey join acting many years ago don star for different popular movies and some of dem include Idemili, Devil in Red, and Show Down.

Apart from say im be actor, Yul na also politician and im don tok say e go like be Nigerian president for 2023.

Di actor wey be forty-years marry im first wife Judy wen im dey 22 years